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Artist Chat with Kubi Vasak

July 5, 2016

Sydney artist Kubi Vasak’s spontaneous collages splice images from a bygone era that reference both the absurd and familiar. His predominate use of images from vintage magazines portray a variety of bizarre and surreal scenarios that transport the viewer into a realm of nostalgic simplicity.

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Artist Chat with Jonathan Bauerle

May 18, 2016

Jonathan Bauerle’s passion for horror, true crime and monsters is clearly evident within his work. The Toronto-based artist’s warped collages utilise a very specific technique that deforms those depicted and leaves “normal people looking like monsters”.

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Artist Chat with Tachyons+

May 11, 2016

Artists Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria create a specific brand of video art using a technique known as video glitch synthesis. The two employ a process that uses modified video gear from the 80s and 90s to visually tap into “the eyeball theatre of oddity and the unknown”.

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Artist Chat with Ashley Hohman

April 26, 2016

St. Louis based mixed media and collage artist Ashley Hohman creates dark and minimal collages using “unconventional psychedelic color palettes.” Inspired largely by the occult and a “fear of the unknown” her works depict the darker aspects of humanity and nature while also exploring the fragility of the mind and body through the lens of controlled chaos.

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Artist Chat with Thomas C. Chung

April 12, 2016

Earlier this week, we caught up with knitting genius and multi-media artist, Thomas C. Chung. The prolific artist is currently in Malaysia for an artist residency. But this is not his first. Since graduating with a BFA from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney he has been awarded artist residences in the USA, Sweden, Finland and Norway. He took some time from his hectic schedule to talk to us about art, life, tapping into…

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Artist Chat with Jemima Wyman

March 30, 2016

Jemima Wyman is a contemporary artist who lives and works between Brisbane and Los Angeles. In 2007 she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from The California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles with the Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship. Some of her past exhibitions have been held at Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles), the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Melbourne), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney) and 21st Century Museum of Art (Japan).…

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Artist Chat with Monika Behrens

March 15, 2016

Monika Behrens is a Sydney-based artist currently completing her PhD at the University of New South Wales. In 2012 she was an Archibald finalist for her self-portrait, The artist’s practice. The super talented painter has undertaken several residencies in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Champagne, Berlin and Sydney. Her work is included in the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and the UBS art collection. Her practice is often political with everything having an underlying meaning full of…

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Celebrities join our Lost Dogs of Hope Project

March 9, 2016
Celebrities involved in the Lost Dog of Hope Project

You might have seen us posting “Lost Dog” videos on our Facebook page recently. We’ve never done anything like this before and it’s been the most personal and important project we’ve ever done. In just two weeks our Lost Dogs of Hope Project has grown so quickly that we’re still catching our breath from all the excitement. We’ve been busy speaking to journalists and swapping stories with celebrities with the shared goal to spread a…

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