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“Commission with us and we’ll create you something that gets the whole world talking”  – Gillie and Marc

Gillie and Marc can take any idea or commission and bring it to life in the most beautiful and innovative way. During their 26-year career they have delivered a diverse range of commissioned sculptures and statues to hundreds of private investors, governments, corporate businesses and councils across the globe.

Why you should commission Gillie and Marc?
1. The artists can work to any size and budget be it a two-storey high abstract piece or a life-sized rabbit
2. They will oversee all aspects of the production process including timings, delivery and installation with outstanding project-management
3. They work with an array of materials including bronze, brass, steel, aluminium and fibreglass
4. Everything is premium quality with the highest quality bronze
5. All work is 100% guaranteed

What can Gillie and Marc do for you?
Whatever you want! Gillie and Marc have created:
1. Sports legends
2. Religious and spiritual figures
3. Soldiers
4. Abstract pieces
5. Monumental sculptures
6. Animals (life-like and abstract)
7. Busts

What material do you want?
Gillie and Marc are seasoned experts in a variety of materials including bronze, brass, steel and fiberglass. When it comes to picking an art medium for a commission, bronze is the most durable. In fact, bronze has been used in the most iconic public artworks all over the world including the Statue of Liberty, the lions in London’s Trafalgar Square and The Thinker.

Bronze has many economic advantages and requires minimal maintenance. Graffiti can be easily cleaned off with turps without damaging the material. Once the bronze is cemented into the ground, it’s impossible to steal. If the work is put directly into the ground, grass and soil can also go on top of it to make it fit in with its surrounding environment in a beautiful and organic way. This robust, water-resistant material can also be painted in a range of bright weatherproof colours.

A commission with Gillie and Marc is a guarantee to make a beautiful and positive impact on your community or business.

  • Alex Lithgow

    Invercargill Council, New Zealand

    Gillie and Marc were commissioned by Invercargill Council to create a bronze sculpture of composer and Invercargill legend, Alex Lithgow. A composer of great renown, his marches were published throughout the world and the Americans acclaimed him as ‘the Sousa of the Antipodes’. Lithgow produced approximately two hundred marches, as well as numerous pieces for band, orchestra, piano and voice.  The artists wanted to honour his time in Invercargill, where he spent time from ages 6-24.

  • The Lobster Fisherman

    District Council of Grant, SA

    The District Council of Grant awarded Gillie and Marc with the opportunity to create a feature sculpture for the Port MacDonnell Waterfront. The artists were successful with their design of a life -size bronze figure of a fisherman returning from sea with a freshly caught southern rock lobster. The sculpture commemorates not only the Lobster fishing industry of the area, which is known as Australia’s Rock Lobster capital, but also the local community  and industry of fisherman.

  • Sparkly Bear

    Barkly Square, Brunswick VIC

    Gillie and Marc were commissioned to make Barkly Squares mascot, Sparkly Bear! This sculpture is part of a heartwarming global movement by the artists, titled Travel Everywhere with Love.

    “Without a definitive race, religion, or culture, hybrid characters like Sparkly Bear represent all people as one,” Sparkly Bear now stands in Barkly Square to let visitors and residents from all-walks-of-life know that they’re welcome there.

  • Yesterday Will Never Be Forgotten

    Warragamba, NSW

    The Warragamba ANZAC Committee commissioned Gillie and marc to create a bronze, life size replica of an ANZAC soldier standing, head bowed in remembrance. The sculpture was unveiled during Remembrance Day 2018

  • Gum Leaf

    Bowden Street, Ryde, NSW

    Gillie and Marc have created a 3m high eucalyptus gum leaf which highlights the incredible natural beauty of the local flora of the Ryde area.

  • The Animal March

    Stockland Green Hills, East Maitland, NSW

    The idea is Australian’s wildlife march for conservation and protection. The public art installation and activation will boast to be the world’s longest permanent wildlife march – a spectacular site that will have all of Australia talking.
    The life-size wildlife of Australia will be created in magnificent bronze. They will form a 50 meter parade where each animal in family groups will follow each other. The public will be asked to join the march having their photos taken with the animals. Each member of the public will march along the animals.

  • Buffering the race horse

    Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD

    To commemorate the deeds of the $7 million earning, seven-time Group 1 winner Buffering, Brisbane Racing Club commissioned Gillie and Marc to create a life-size statue of the legendary race horse. The statue stands at the front of the new infield entrance to Eagle Farm.

    Heathcote said he believed Buffering’s never-say-die attitude was the reason the public took him to heart. “Australians love an underdog and he had all the qualities of a great fighter. He would get knocked down but he would get back up again,” he said. “And he did it in an era of sprinting greats.”

    BRC Chairman Neville Bell said in the 152 years of Eagle Farm this was the first time a full-size statue had been unveiled. “From day one of this club it was always the plan to have a significant statue at Eagle Farm and we couldn’t think of a better opportunity than with Buffering,” he said. “He was a great ambassador for racing in Queensland and for the Brisbane Racing Club.”

  • Standing Watch Anzac Soldier

    Permanently installed at Darwin Military Museum, NT

    Darwin Military Museum commissioned Gillie and Marc to pay tribute to the Anzac soldiers who bravely fought in WWII. The Government organisation is a very popular tourist destination, ranking second out of 104 sites on Trip Advisor. Every year they hold a Remembrance Day ceremony where retired diggers come along. The artists wanted to create a soldier that would educate foreign tourists while paying warm respects to past soldiers.

    This was a wonderful honour and even more important to the artists as Marc’s grandfather fought in Gallipoli. He was shot but survived and was later honoured as a hero. Marc’s grandfather was a kind, loving man and a wonderful grandfather who passed away from lung disease, the effects of mustard gas. Gillie and Marc decided to create this bronze sculpture based on an old photo of him before he went to battle. To all the Anzacs we will never forget the sacrifice you made.