Lavalla Table

St Augustines College, 18-22 Alfred Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
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Gillie and Marc were commissioned by St Augustine’s College to create an artwork that would teach their religious history in a way students would enjoy. Gillie and Marc flew to Cairns to meet with the principal and administration to brainstorm initial ideas. They came up with four ideas and then relayed them to the students. The final product was the Lavalla Table, named after the village in France where St Marcellin Champagnat established the world’s first Marist school. The table also includes two statues of boys talking to each other. The artists believe that when people sit together at the table to enjoy their favourite drink or meal, conversations are formed that can change history. This table represents human kindness at its epitome, where the youth of today can join each other with open hearts, and open minds to break down barriers that will make the future a better and more accepting place! After it was put in the playground, it became a huge hit! It’s strong enough so the children can sit at the table and have lunch. The feedback has been that they’re on it every day and the students love being part of this important historical event.