The Lobster Fisherman

Port MacDonnell Jetty, 57 Sea Parade, Port Macdonnell SA 5291
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The District Council of Grant awarded Gillie and Marc with the opportunity to create a feature sculpture for the Port MacDonnell Waterfront. The artists were successful with their design of a life -size bronze figure of a fisherman returning from sea with a freshly caught southern rock lobster. The sculpture commemorates not only the Lobster fishing industry of the area, which is known as Australia’s Rock Lobster capital, but also the local community  and industry of fisherman.

The majestic Southern Ocean holds an array of sea life including southern rock lobster, tuna, and abalone, with the edge of the continental shelf off our coast considered one of the best places to spot whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds.  A number of charter boat companies’ offer exclusive fishing or marine wildlife tours (links below).  The Port MacDonnell breakwater protects South Australia’s largest Rock Lobster Fishing Fleet and provides sheltered conditions for recreational water sports and fishing. Gillie and Marc created the Lobster Fisherman to show the history and character of the area.