Yesterday Will Never Be Forgotten

Warragamba Dam, Production Ave, Warragamba NSW 2752
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The Warragamba ANZAC Committee commissioned Gillie and marc to create a bronze, life size replica of an ANZAC soldier standing, head bowed in remembrance. The sculpture was unveiled during Remembrance Day 2018. The design of the combined memorial is as follows: The sandstone plinths are original core samples from Warragamba Dam and have been donated by the Water Board. The plinth facing west represents the traditional orientation during remembrance of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The plinth facing east represents the promise of a new day, a statement that those who worked on Warragamba Dam expected to return home to see another day. The two (2) plinths back to back represent the opposing expectations of those who have died. The soldier ready to lay down his life for his country.

The dam worker expecting to return home. Yet both face the same fate. The pattern surrounding both plinths represents the rising sun with the centre most section, the sun and the radiating lines the sun's rays.

The design and construction of the memorial was undertaken by the Works Division of Wollondilly Shire council. Funds were provided by the Federal Government through the Wollondilly Remembers Committee and Wollondilly Shire Council. Gillie and Marc were asked to add to this memorial by creating a bronze sculpture.