Margaret Tucker and William Cooper (Bronze Sculpture)

Margaret Tucker and William Cooper (Bronze Sculpture)

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Contemporary Sculpture, Figurative, Statues for Legends

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Highpoint shopping centre, Maribyrnong, Victoria

Margaret Tucker and William Cooper are two important figures in Australian history, who made significant contributions to the rights and welfare of Indigenous Australians.

Margaret Tucker was an Indigenous Australian activist and writer, born in 1904 in Victoria. She was a member of the stolen generation, forcibly removed from her family and placed in a mission as a child. As an adult, she became an advocate for Indigenous rights, working to improve the living conditions and social status of Aboriginal people in Australia. Tucker was the first Indigenous woman to write an autobiography, titled "If Everyone Cared," in which she described her experiences growing up as a member of the stolen generation. She also co-founded the Australian Aborigines' League in 1935, which fought for the rights of Indigenous Australians and pushed for constitutional change to give them greater political representation.

William Cooper was also an Indigenous Australian activist and leader, born in 1861 in Yorta Yorta country in Victoria. He was a member of the first generation of Indigenous people to be born under British rule in Australia. Cooper was a tireless advocate for Indigenous rights and fought against the discrimination and racism that Indigenous Australians faced in the early 20th century. In 1933, he established the Australian Aborigines' League, which was the first Indigenous-led political advocacy group in Australia. He also led a campaign to protest against the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, writing a letter to the German consulate in Melbourne in 1938, which was an act of solidarity between Indigenous Australians and Jews at a time when both groups were experiencing persecution and discrimination.

Both Margaret Tucker and William Cooper played important roles in advocating for the rights of Indigenous Australians and their legacies continue to inspire and inform the ongoing struggle for justice and equality for Indigenous peoples in Australia.

Highpoint is proud to present the Margaret Tucker and William Cooper commemorative sculpture as part of its Highpoint Art Journey.

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