They had the blues until… they locked lips and warmed up

Dimensions Box: 10 x 10 x 10.5 mm (H*L*W)
Candle: 8cm diameter x 10cm tall

Materials Natural Soy Fragranced Candle

Scent Blueberry Pie

Combine the powers of art and fragrance to excite your love life!

In the true spirit of Rabbitgirl and Dogman, two very unique and passionate flavours have been joined together to create an indulgently seductive recipe. Gillie and Marc have spent over two years experimenting with luxury scents, and are excited to finally launch the first two fragrances of their new art candle collection! 

They are proud to bring you the best fragrances to enjoy as an exciting gift for your lover, or to surround yourself with intoxicating notes during an evening in. Made of the finest natural soy waxes, Gillie and Marc’s art candles will infuse your room with a romantic ambiance, playing on the senses to evoke powerful emotions through beauty and aromas. The artists drew inspiration from their own passionate love story, the mysterious allure of exotic worlds, and the relaxing sensual comfort of home.

The Blueberry Pie fragrance combines the warming sadness of the blues, with the pleasure of baked desserts to sooth away stress and tension. It creates a heady experience that lingers with vulnerability and sensuality for hours.

Or, you may instead want to heat up the night with Chocolate and Chilli. This rich and adventurous fragrance burns with spicy notes and chocolatey passion, like snuggling up during a storm.

Both scents are natural aphrodisiacs that will have you wanting more as soon as the flame is lit!

Each art candle has been lovingly designed by the artists, playing on the power of art and the senses to create intense romantic memories. The candles are contained in beautiful Gillie and Marc glass holders, decorated with Rabbitgirl and Dogman art that can be kept long after the candle has burned.