Golden Season

    Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re in the depths of winter, the height of summer, the wet, or dry, you are in the Golden Season

    We love every single season because they all have such unique things to offer. A crucial part of the cycle, they make our beautiful, shimmering, golden world what it is. The light bounces off the land in a stunning display each season, sparkling on the shimmering snow, through the fat droplets of water, deep in the crunchy red leaves, or across the luscious green.

    With this gorgeous light as our muse we are excited to announce the launch of our latest collection, ‘A Golden Season’. A mix of old and new pieces, both sculptures and paintings, these works show the beauty of all seasons. In different shades and vibrancies that can be seen throughout the seasons, Rabbitwoman, Dogman and all their friends enjoy the most beautiful moments of life. This collection is here to warm your heart and spread the golden feeling right through your body, reminding you of how lucky you are whatever the season.