• Above the beauty and the grandeur

Above the beauty and the grandeur

Dimensions 150.0 x 150.0 CM (H*W)

Materials Acrylic and enamel on canvas

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Rabbitwoman and Dogman love to have fun. They will give anything a go, no matter what it is. They don’t only try things that will make them look good, or things that are supposed to be fashionable. They are happy to jump into the deep end, looking uncoordinated while they learn, making sure they don’t miss a single experience. Some of the greatest adventures and hidden talents are found by taking these risks, and once found, the experience is always so much more fulfilling than anything done for such a superficial reason such as beauty. This painting will inspire your room with movement and vitality and add calming blue tones. The style is geometric but simple line, done by freehand. The contrast between abstraction and figurative art gives a harmonious balance.