Pop Moments

Gillie and Marc’s mixed media on canvas collection sees the artists delve into a previously uncharted artistic direction, inspired by colourful memories, connections formed and the healing power of imagination.

Introducing the Pop Moments Collection.

As ever, Gillie and Marc create each unique piece side by side, beginning with a vivid colour palette, intricately etched to envelop negative space as a freehand pattern and be adorned by hand-painted flowers and alluring imagery.

In a first for the artists the eye-catching foundations are balanced with a hand-drawn image of an animal, human or both, crafted using a thick-line marker in deep black to contrast the lively background.

As no two pieces are alike, select designs are finished with a painted foreground, isolating the stimulating backdrop to sit within the subject. However, many may prefer the outline unpainted, calling attention to the rich and vibrant background wherein subject and story appear as one.

Each piece reflects on pure emotive themes and fleeting instances in our lives, capturing these colourful moments within everlasting channels of affection.

With this new collection, Gillie and Marc hope to inspire lovers of art who see a world filled with colour and memories needing to be captured and preserved as a moment of significance.