• Paparazzi Dog in Man-hole
  • Paparazzi Dog in Man-hole
  • Paparazzi Dog in Man-hole

Paparazzi Dog in Man-hole

Dimensions Coming soon

Materials Bronze

Editions /6

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‘The paparazzi dog in manhole’ features Gillie and Marc’s internationally renowned character the paparazzi dog in a new light.

Originally inspired by the words of Andy Warhol, “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, the paparazzi dogs were created to give everyone their chance in the spotlight, to make everyone the celebrity they want to be. The sculpture series containing the paparazzi dogs went viral in 2013 and have been seen in over 100 countries.

Peeping out of a manhole, an iconic symbol of city life, the paparazzi dog can capture you when you least expect it, capturing the most beautiful candid moments of people going about their everyday life.

Expertly crafted in bronze in minute detail, ‘the paparazzi dog in manhole’ brings an element of surprise and joy, catching people off guard and making them laugh.