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16/77 Bourke rd Alexandria, Sydney NSW

Opening hours:
Mon: 9 -2pm
Tues: 9 -2pm
Wed: 9 -2pm
Thurs: 9 -2pm
Fri: 9 -2pm
Sat: 10 -3pm


Rabbitgirl and Dogman have a dream. They have a dream that coffee can break down barriers, that all creatures, regardless of race, religion, or orientation can have a safe place to relax and never be judged. They have a dream that open hearts, and open minds can come together in the world’s most loving cafe!

We are inspired by Rabbitgirl and Dogman’s dream in a world that’s torn apart by its differences – differences that are really the most beautiful thing of all! Welcome to Gillie and Marc Love Café, where coffee isn’t just a drink – but an experience! Gillie and Marc Love Café is a community inspired by the kindness in all of us.

Creatures from all walks-of-life are welcome to this casual and friendly meeting place built on loving acceptance. Needless to say, we put A LOT of heart into every coffee we make, and infuse inspiration into every cup! Come in with your animal friends to enjoy the best tasting coffee, and delicious treats in a vibrant and artistic atmosphere.

Share a picture of your experience with the hashtag #GillieandMarcLoveCafe to help share Rabbitgirl and Dogman’s dream for all creatures to come together through love!


Gillie and Marc are living proof that anything is possible through love, and that’s the message they want to tell the world through their art.

The husband and wife contemporary artists have worked side-by-side for over 25-years to create art as one. On paper, their differences should have been incompatibilities, but their hearts said something else… and seven days after meeting, they were married in the foothills of Mount Everest. Their beloved hybrid characters – Rabbitgirl and Dogman – tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soulmates.

Rabbitgirl and Dogman symbolize the acceptance of all people as one. As unlikely animalkingdom companions, the Rabbit and Dog represent diversity and and togetherness through love. Gillie and Marc’s public and private artworks can be found spreading this message throughout the planet, including major cities such as New York, London, Shanghai, and of course – Sydney.

They welcome everyone to join them on this remarkable and ground breaking journey to make our world a more loving place…

Come on in. #GillieandMarcLoveCafe

Toby’s Estate

We’re so excited to announce Toby’s Estate as the official sponsor of the Gillie and Marc Love Café!

There’s no catalyst for loving social interactions quite like a great tasting coffee, and we’re proud to partner with Toby’s Estate to further support what Rabbitgirl and Dogman represent!

The Love Cafe will be serving their newest blend – The El Futuro – and we cannot get enough of it! It tastes absolutely incredible, but that might not even be the best part.

According to Toby’s Estate themselves, “The El Futuro blend is our first step towards marrying together our traceability efforts with our sustainability endeavours. Not only have we partnered with farmers in Guatemala, Malawi and Costa Rica whose coffees feature in this blend, but we’re also working with them to support and donate directly to sustainable development projects which affect their local communities.”

Wow – as warriors for the environment, love and diversity themselves, that’s definitely something Rabbitgirl and Dogman can get behind!

Rabbitgirl and Dogman are so proud to be serving the most delicious tasting coffee, that’s also doing good for the world!  At Gillie and Marc Love Café we’re committed to always serving the highest-quality products, in more ways than one. Thank you Toby’s Estate, we’re excited to change the world together, one great sip at a time.