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Round the World

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The world is round, meaning it has no beginning and no end, which is just as well for Rabbitwoman and Dogman as they never want their adventures to stop!

Fittingly titled Round the World this collection by Gillie and Marc features their animal hybrid alter-egos Dogman and Rabbitwoman travelling the world together delighting their senses with the unique experiences on Earth’s much-loved destinations.

Unlike a square or oblong medium, round canvases capture the idea of a piece continuing on beyond the corner-less space, paying tribute to the real places that hold a special place in our hearts.

As Dogman and Rabbitwoman are painted on their odyssey, depicting them in the round gives the idea that you are travelling with them, viewing their current whereabouts through the window of a boat travelling from shore to shore.

The round shape also symbolises the spherical Earth, Dogman and Rabbitwoman’s home that they are committed to seeing as much of as possible. Without a beginning or an end, the world continues to turn, unfolding a perpetual series of travels for the unlikely lovers.

The artists create these high impact pieces using their classic ‘sculpture painting’ technique where they apply multiple layers of impasto to the canvas before they begin to paint. Doing this gives the paintings a dramatic and almost animated affect that makes it appear to leap off the wall.

Each destination the hybrid duo venture to is a place that is very special to Gillie and Marc who as artists use new travel to inspire their creativity. They hope the experiences Dogman and Rabbitwoman have spreading love and peace to people everywhere become special to you too.