The Rope Collection

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Rope Collection

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Gillie and Marc are passionate conservationists and animal lovers who understand that tragically so much wildlife is at the end of their rope. They created the rope collection as a way to highlight the fragility of thousands of animals.

The artists are also huge fans of the surrealist movement. Their fascination with the rope as a metaphor started with Flying Fish, an award-winning artwork that was featured in the Sculpture by the Sea festival in 2015. The artists chose the flying fish because they have adapted to survive in the face of loss of habitat and changing temperatures. Still, the fact remains that humans are destroying their habitat and eventually there will be less places for them to fly to.

Gillie and Marc’s Rope Collection aims to raise awareness and change the course of nature. If the rope can defy gravity, anything is possible. There is still a chance for these animals to escape for their freedom. Please help them in their escape.

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