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Love and Beyond

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After honing their craft on their long-awaited return to abstract art, Gillie and Marc exercised the freedom of the medium to incorporate their art alter-egos Dogman and Rabbitwoman in a collection they are calling A Love and Beyond.

The title is inspired by the artists contemporary abstract collection Above and Beyond, a series of one-off paintings on canvas that feature the beauty of Africa as seen from above, telling the story of their conservation journey on a continent very dear to their hearts.mIn A Love and Beyond Dogman and Rabbitwoman are seen traveling on the back of their favoured Vespa, on the backs of animals, surfing and much more, for no reason other than they are citizens of the world who want to see as much of it as possible while they are here.

Colour palettes of each unique piece vary in tone, but all feature a vivid composition that transforms a house into a home without getting lost on the wall. Each colour palette is carefully curated by Gillie and Marc and symbolises a different corner of the world and the sense of belonging we derive from these places. Symbolising love in the face of adversity, Dogman and Rabbitwoman are the subjects of this abstract series, expressing the message of love to collectors of art who understand the role of travel in making the world a more accepting place.

Traveling the world to spread the message of love, peace and acceptance, Dogman and Rabbitwoman are the perfect couple to tell the A Love and Beyond story which poses the question, if we loved the world as much as we loved our partners would the world be a happier place?