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An analysis of Gillie and Marc’s art would be incomplete without examining their substantial contribution to the world of public art.

Proud citizens of the world, Gillie and Marc believe art is for all people, ensuring their artwork is on display in cities all around the world. Their alter-egos Dogman and Rabbitwoman have spread this message in cities such as New York, Sydney, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai and more to promote their message of acceptance, diversity and love.

Favouring the timeless and sturdy aesthetic of robust bronze, Gillie and Marc’s public sculptures are made to be interacted with and attract high levels of interest in a public space. The era of social media has seen these public works be shared online by locals and travelers the world over.

Gillie and Marc’s public sculptures have become noteworthy structures in their homes across the world and have raised awareness for environmentalism through sculptures such as The Last Three as part of their Love the Last series.