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Travel Everywhere With Love

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Without a definitive race, religion or culture, Dogman and Rabbitwoman symbolize the acceptance of all people as one. Through Gillie and Marc’s stunning sculptures, paintings and prints, Dogman and Rabbitwoman travel the world as part of a renowned collection titled, Travel Everywhere with Love. Each of these works expresses the importance of putting our differences aside to protect each other and what we love. As Dogman and Rabbitwoman travel the world, they remind people that they can always call somewhere home if we stand united. If a dog and a rabbit can be soul mates and find acceptance around the world there is always hope for peace. Wherever you are in the world, Dogman and Rabbitwoman are there to remind you: we will always have our most loved people and our most loved places, but as long as we are open minded, the world will always be a home to us all.