• Above the strong and proud
  • Above the strong and proud

Above the strong and proud

Materials Acrylic and enamel on canvas

Dimensions 150.0 x 150.0 CM (H*W)

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Also known as the “river horse” the massive hippo is an iconic part of the African wildlife. It’s massive yawn sparks joy in those who see it, marvelling at how wide it can go and the size of the powerful jaws. Looking at a hippopotamus you can sense the strength and power. Unfortunately they are at risk from habitat loss and can now only be found in sub-Saharan Africa.We need to protect the rivers and lakes to protect the hippos and stop their numbers declining even further. Imagine a world without that majestic yawn!  This painting will inspire your room with movement and vitality and add invigorating black and orange tones. The style is geometric but simple line, done by freehand. The contrast between abstraction and figurative art gives a harmonious balance.