Coffee Cups | A cup of art everyday

Coffee Cups | A cup of art everyday

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Dimensions 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz

Materials PLA Coated single wall cup with Art Print 

Many of Gillie and Marc’s sculptures and paintings feature Dogman and Rabbitgirl enjoying a hot cup of coffee together, so when they were approached by Pac Trading to have their artworks printed on coffee cups we couldn’t say no! Like many artists and creative types, Gillie and Marc’s days always begin with coffee. For them, it is a symbol of modern relationships because over a cup of coffee is where the real conversation happens, relationships are made and unmade. Gillie and Marc are passionate about taking their art out of the gallery for everyone to enjoy and love the idea that they can be a part of such a special routine as sipping your morning coffee.