• Scarlet is shining

Scarlet is shining

Dimensions 114.0 x 100 .0 CM (H*W)

Materials Enamel on Wood

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Award-Winning Artists Honour Women Who Shine   Not only has art always belonged to the people – quintessentially, it is the people. Culture, society, and art have always been intricately entwined, colliding and complimenting each other in all sorts of interesting and groundbreaking ways.   World-renowned Australian artists – Gillie and Marc – have just presented their latest creation to a buzzing fan base, and eager public. Further solidifying their reputation, the husband-and-wife duo have yet again magnetically pushed the boundaries of contemporary art.   Their newest artworks connect audiences to the abundance of pop-culture, while at the same time roping them into a deeper connotation about equality and progress. While Gillie and Marc’s art ultimately promotes love and joy, their legacy has been built upon tackling more serious themes through their work, like diversity and acceptance. These captivating woodcut creations featuring Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson marry both forces in a colourful exhibition unlike anything before it.   Gillie and Marc were inspired by these amazing women, admiring the ways they push themselves further to make spectacular strides in art and activism. With deep integrity, both Jolie and Johansson are helping change the course for women in history, in effect altering biases that will fuel equality for future generations.   These revolutionary woodcut creations express a vision of a brighter future for all, where women everywhere are admired not only for their magnificent beauty, but also for their powerful impact on the world.   It’s suffice to say that ‘Women Who Shine’ by Gillie and Marc can be called a statement piece, in more ways than one.