• A trip to the city of love
  • A trip to the city of love
  • A trip to the city of love

A trip to the city of love

Dimensions 72.0 x 100.0 x 34.0 CM ( H*L*W ) 45.25kgs

Materials Bronze with coloured patina

Editions /8

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Rabbitwoman and Dogman both loved to travel, and they dreamed of Paris. Together, they saved up all their money for a honeymoon in the city of love. They wanted their trip to be perfect and so they each planned all the little details … every sight, bite and delight. To their dismay, when they showed each other their plans, their trip schedules didn’t match up! The only similarity was a visit to the Paris Zoological Park, since Rabbitwoman and Dogman both loved learning about conservation. So, they decided to go to the zoo first. While there, Rabbitwoman and Dogman met their friend hippo, and told him about their problem. He reminded them not to take life too seriously, and that a loving journey has no rules. The hippo said, “When you leave here, just wander together and see where life takes you.” Rabbitwoman and Dogman took their friend’s advice, and it led them right to Paris’ beautiful Eiffel Tower.