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They hopped into an adventure of a lifetime (Range of colours available) , , , ,


24.0 x 11.0 x 22.0 CM ( H*L*W )





Range of colours

Bronze with Tan Patina
Bronze with Deep Bronze Patina

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One of the topics that bonded Gillie and Marc on the night they met was their mutual love for and devotion to animals. Gillie had never been to Australia and she was dying to see a kangaroo. Marc promised he’d make sure she’d get to see one. Months later, Marc took Gillie to Alice Springs where they saw a mob of wild kangaroos.

Gillie and Marc love kangaroos because physically they can’t go backwards which means they are always moving forward. Dogman and Rabbitgirl also live by the philosophy of not looking back because forward is where all the opportunities are.