Permanent Exhibition
Cunnamulla, Paroo Shire Council, QLD 4490
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Diprotodon is classified as “megafauna” and is more affectionately known as a giant wombat. It is the largest marsupial ever to live and first existed 1.6 million years ago. In 2011, a diprotodon skeleton called Kenny was found in Eulo in outback Queensland. Kenny is one of the largest and best-preserved megafauna skeletons ever discovered.

Gillie and Marc were commissioned by Paroo Shire Council to recreate Kenny in bronze. The artists worked with paleontologists from Queensland Museum to use Kenny’s bones to recreate a biologically accurate, life-sized bronze sculpture. The bronze statue has helped create Paroo as a destination to learn about fossils and mega fauna in general. In fact, on the Outback Queensland website it lists the statue as the number one tourist site above mud springs, air raid shelters and rivers.