King Nyani - Brookfield Zoo, Chicago

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When King Nyani landed in Hudson Yards, he stole the hearts of every person (and quite a few dogs) in NYC. He came to share the story of his family who desperately need our help while at the same time changing the history of gorillas and the city forever. What was once a relationship famous for fear and misunderstanding, left by the first gargantuan gorilla to roam the streets and climb the Empire State Building, has now and unequivocally been transformed to a relationship of love.

It was heartwarming to see the many interactions of King Nyani with the public, seeing so many beautiful and often funny pictures shared to social media and receiving hundreds of loving messages. But, it is time for the King to move on. It is time for him to spread his inspiration further and share the urgent message for gorilla conservation.

It is with great excitement that the original of the three King Nyani sculptures will be relocated to a place that is a conservationists dream, the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. This incredible zoo is not only here to spread the joy of animals to the public, they are also passionate about inspiring conservationists, big and small. A major part of many conservation programs as well as their very own conservation science scholarships, King Nyani will be able to spread the urgent message of gorilla conservation in a location that excels in it. 

King Nyani will be heading to his new home at the end of September 2021. We can’t wait for him to get there!