Ethical Statement

Gillie and Marc are passionate about creating art around a simple concept, love. It, therefore, stands that they are focused and passionate about treating every person they are privileged to work alongside with the highest level of respect. With every new staff member, collaborator, or stakeholder, Gillie and Marc are committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of every individual.

Working with people all over the world, Gillie and Marc have taken guidance from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Rights at Work when developing their ethical strategy. Using this as a basis, Gillie and Marc are mindful of these fundamental rights listed and strive to always go further, sharing their own mission to spread love at the same time.

Gillie and Marc are mindful of the differences between people, cultures, and expectations from the many people they have the privilege of working alongside. They will always try to make sure they are being respectful and treating each individual with dignity with every interaction.

Of course, Gillie and Marc are always growing and learning and are open to any feedback or critique so they can ensure they never make anybody feel like their rights have not been respected.