The Wonderful Two - St Kilda Pier, Melbourne, Australia

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In The Wonderful Two, Najin and Fatu will be connected in the middle in a design inspired by the ‘pushmi-pullyu’ from the classic Dr Dolittle books by Hugh Lofting. They will be connected in the middle, with their heads facing opposite directions trying to pull each other to safety, while constricted by the reality of their situation. Najin and Fatu have remained together in their fight to survive, but are stuck in the plight of Northern White Rhinos. This sculpture will continue to spread their message in innovative ways to inspire rhino conservation around the world.

Their horns will also be gold to symbolise the perceived value of the horns their species is killed for. This combination of striking visual elements is designed to disarm with the playful nature of the sculpture which is spreading a message that can be upsetting. By depicting them this way, Gillie and Marc do not want the sculpture to be unsettling but to be a celebration of the survival of the mother and daughter pair.

Gillie and Marc are creating a monumental public art for notable locations worldwide to spread the message and allow the world to meet, touch and love rhinos. Melbourne, Australia is the exciting second location, following on from New York City. ‘The Wonderful Two’ will be installed on the St. Kilda foreshore, as a statement that they support anti-poaching initiatives, and are working to better the planet. The St. Kilda foreshore location is picturesque, a stunning nostalgic seaside landscape and a place for fun and leisure. It is a popular tourist hotspot and the perfect location to host "The Wonderful Two"