Table of Love

Permanent Exhibition
Aveling, 6 Orion Rd, Jandakot WA 6164
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Meet the awe-inspiring hybrid characters named Dogman and Rabbitgirl. These unique characters have arrived to promote diversity, love, and acceptance. As unlikely animal-kingdom companions, together they symbolise unity and acceptance - representing all people as one. Now more than ever is the time for people of all races, religions and beliefs to come together. Rabbitgirl and Dogman invite the world to sit with them symbolically at their Table of Love and take the first step to understanding and loving each other. The Table of Love is where we sit, discuss, and solve problems. The world has reached a crisis where our differences are causing hatred and division. The aim of the Table of Love is ask complete strangers to join each other and sit down with Dogman and Rabbitgirl and talk.

The USA is the world’s melting pot, and therefore this is where the project will begin making its way around the world.  The goal is to get as many strangers as possible to sit down at the Table of Love and start a conversation. They will #tableoflove and hopefully get the conversation continuing around the world. A short film will be made of all the people who sit at theTable of Love and bring the world just a little bit closer.

The installation of these bronze sculptures is the first step in a massive, global campaign by Gillie and Marc that aims to promote love and peace across the globe. Major cities around the world, Including London, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris have all expressed interested in hosting this duo. However, the artists choose to launch their campaign in the USA.