NYC's Latest Sculpture Exhibition by Artists Gillie and Marc

Taking a seat on a tandem bike, joining a game of chess, or throwing a ball in a pool, encourages the public to become a part of the journey with endangered animals. It allows them to learn and understand why each of these species is in trouble. With QR codes connected with the sculpture, the public will be transported to important information about the different animals' lives, needs, and threats. This creates an experience accessible to all, putting wildlife conservation at the centre of people's cities and lives right here in the urban jungle.

Love The Last March at Gardens by The bay. The longest sculpture in the world for wildlife.

Created by renowned artists Gillie and Marc, Love The Last March stands as the world's longest conservational sculpture and beacon of hope for the plight of all endangered species.

Unveiled on National Endangered Species Day 2023 (May 19th), it will be on display as a free exhibition in Singapore's iconic Gardens by the Bay until May 18, 2024.

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Artists Gillie and Marc creating the World's Longest Sculpture

Inspired by the witness statement and recent documentary by David Attenborough, Gillie and Marc's next sculpture is on a mission to re-wild the world.

But for such a big and important issue, there needs to be a big messenger. Therefore, this public sculpture experience will be the largest bronze sculpture in the world at 192 meters in length!

30 Years of Love & Art

For 30 years we have been creating art together with a unifying mission is to fill the world with inspiring public art that spreads messages of love, equality, conservation and hope.
As public sculpture artists and wildlife activists, our method is to put wildlife front and centre in cities across the planet creating connections with the wild world. We aim to inspire communities to work for change and unity so we can all live in a better world tomorrow.
Today, we'd love to share our story with you.
- Gillie and Marc xoxo

Gillie and Marc's Sculpture Installation - The Wild Table of Love. Paternoster Square, London

This public sculpture experience is an invitation to join the best banquet in the world. Rabbitwoman and Dogman have opened their table to the animals as a symbol of love and support, welcoming them into their family and promising to protect them in every way they can.

Expertly crafted in bronze, the table is set and the animals are already tucking in, all that is left is for the public to take their seats.


Public artists and activists Gillie and Marc share their latest project in their efforts to draw attention to endangered species with James Dickman on London Live News at 6.

Launched on World Endangered Species Day, ‘Chimps are Family’ is a free interactive exhibit located at London Bridge City and features 28 life size chimpanzees. The chimps demonstrate 18 different behaviours such as love, grief, friendship and conflict reflecting the similarities between humans and these amazing animals which we share 98% of our DNA with.

King Nyani

This installation is the largest bronze gorilla sculpture on the planet and gives an interactive experience unlike any other. With his hand large enough to hold one or two people, the public can get up close and personal with this gentle giant where they will undoubtedly fall in love with him.


30 years as passionate eco-warriors has culminated in our biggest year of conservation projects ever, creating art that will build awareness for endangered species and wildlife all around the world.

Journey with us around the globe as we unpack each of these sculpture installations that each support our amazing charity partners including Taronga Conservation Society, Born Free Foundation & the WWF.

'The Factory' by Gillie and Marc

Realised by internationally renowned artists, Gillie and Marc, this new art gallery and studio is situated in the heart of Botany in Sydney, Australia. Originally developed as a toy factory in the 1950s that will now be the production centre for all the artist’s work.

To find out more or arrange a gallery tour, visit

Lewis the Koala installed at Longleat, United Kingdom

We're so chuffed to unveil our latest addition to the park: a very special new koala statue! 🎉
The artistic duo behind the piece, Gillie and Marc, based it on a real koala named Lewis who was rescued in the devastating bushfires in 2019/20. It was around this time that two of our keepers flew out to Australia to help support wildlife rescue teams, and we were honoured to have this statue presented to us at Koala Creek by the Australian High Commissioner George Brandis for our support.
We reckon it's koala-ty, don't you? 🐨

Statues For Equality

This global movement is on a mission to balance the gender representation in public art and create tangible change one statue at a time. By creating everlasting bronze statues of some of the most inspirational women of our time, Statues For Equality honors women’s contributions to society and spreads their inspiration to the world. The goal is to reach complete gender equality of public sculptures (50%) across the globe by 2025.


Travel With Love

‘Travel Everywhere With Love’ – the world’s biggest global sculpture project – was born out of the conviction that it’s more important than ever we put our differences aside, and protect each other through love and togetherness.

The Last Three Northern White Rhinos

The Last Three, which was installed in the heart of New York City in March 2018, depicting Najin, Fatu and Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino has since passed away. The sculpture continues to raise critical awareness and funds needed to protect the last northern white rhinos, and to encourage participation in a petition for approaching Chinese and Vietnamese governments about eliminating the demand for rhino horns.

Augmented Reality App “Resurrecting” the Last Three Northern White Rhinos in NYC – by INDE

The sad story behind the mobile AR application we developed to help preserve the memory of the last three northern white rhinos left on Earth [unfortunately one of them died in the meantime], and raise critical awareness of extinction. 45-year-old Sudan, the last male, died on March 19, 2018. Sudan did an incredible work as a rhino conservation ambassador, highlighting the plight of rhino species around the world. His death leaves just two of his kind remaining on Earth – his daughter Najin and granddaughter Fatu.

‘The Last Three’ Case Study

We’re about to witness the imminent extinction of the Northern white rhinos. From a population of 40,000 there are only 3 northern white rhinos left, making them the rarest animals on Earth. Their names are Sudan, Najin and Fatu. ‘The Last Three,’ was installed in the heart of New York City in March 2018. Let’s refuse to see these magnificent lives go in vain, and prevent history from repeating itself.

“Everything Goes Auction”

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The Making of the biggest rhino sculpture in the world

We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Nat Geo Wild for sponsoring the BIGGEST project of our entire lives, and helping us bring you this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world’s tallest rhino sculpture. Nat Geo Wild has been absolutely amazing to work with! We’re so excited to launch ‘The Last Three,’ a sculpture showcasing the world’s last three Northern white rhinos on this planet, in the heart of Manhattan this January, to raise awareness about rhino conservation! Nobody has ever seen this footage before, and we would love to hear your thoughts…

Installation of the largest rhino sculpture in the world.

Gillie and Marc install massive bronze sculpture ‘Shandu the Buried Rhino’ into Tamarama Beach for the 2016 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney.



Gillie and Marc Painting Process

Gillie and Marc explain their painting process.


Are you okay?

Indie's Birthday

Indie’s birthday party at the Gillie and Marc gallery.

‘Buried Rhino’ by Gillie and Marc

Help us save the rhinos! We’ve been accepted into this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition for our ‘Buried Rhino’ artwork. It’s going to be the world’s biggest and best rhino sculpture, but we need funds to make it. So we’ve set up a Pozible crowd-funding page with incredible reward incentives that are a real bang for your buck.

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to treat yourself to our art, now is the time. Every dollar counts towards saving lives. We’ll also give 20% of all Pozible donations directly to not-for-profit charity, the Australian Rhino Project. Without your help, we’ll be unable to make our sculpture. Please join us in raising awareness and spreading this crucial message — so many beautiful and precious lives depend on it.


No one’s ever really seen a big red dog before.

Ceramic Rabbit

Gillie and Marc painting their Rabbitgirl vase.

Gillie and Marc – Bec Cerio – Roller Derby

Six years ago, Bec Cerio was in a fatal car accident which gave her the epiphany to make the world her oyster. After tracking down a roller derby league, she soon became the “strong, nippy, fighty” version of herself known to all as Micro Machine. Her story is so empowering.
We’d love to know why you are proud to be different. So upload a pic or tell us why you’re proud to be different and tag #proudtobedifferent. Remember, what makes you different, is what makes you beautiful. Be proud to be different!

Gillie and Marc – Kmart Easter

Easter Rabbit shopping in Kmart.

Gillie and Marc – Dog makes a smoothie

‘Lost Dog’ makes a smoothie.

Gillie and Marc – Live Art Performance

Traffic Jam Galleries presented a Live Art Performance conducted by Gillie and Marc at their gallery. Following recent instances of vandalism against ‘BIG BOY’ (the traffic stopping big yellow dog sculpture that guards the entrance to the gallery), he was transformed by his creators Gillie and Marc. The event, which took place on Saturday, June 25 from 2 – 4pm, was in conjunction with the launch of Gillie and Marc’s ‘Autumn Range.’

Gillie and Marc: Gallery Loop

Some past works from Gillie and Marc.

Gillie and Marc: Dog on Travelator – Robert Frost

The Road not Taken.

‘Lost Dog’ gets a Haircut

‘Lost Dog’ went to the barber for a trim.

Gillie and Marc: Proud to be Different – Norrie

This is our most inspiring, groundbreaking video yet. We are so grateful we got to interview Norrie who won the landmark High Court case two years ago to be recognized as gender non-specific. They are the world’s first genderless person.
Norrie’s outlook on life, the law and accepting who you are is so poignant that we guarantee it will make you believe in a beautiful, kindhearted future.

Gillie and Marc: Proud to be Different – Don Jason De Marco – Vampire

Don Jason De Marco first knew he was different at aged four. That’s because he is a vampire who drinks blood from the inner thighs of women and has undergone dental surgery to elongate his fangs. Even though Don Jason’s lifestyle isn’t for us personally, we’re full of admiration that he’s proud of who he is and refuses to change.

Gillie and Marc: Proud to be Different – Alyssa Kitt ‘Burlesque Performer’

This is the sexiest and most seductive video with ever made. To launch our Proud to be Different project we interview the talented professional burlesque performer, Miss Alyssa Kitt.
As a child, Miss Kitt was constantly told she needed to lose weight. But we think big is beautiful. And yes, in this video she does get her kit off and it will take your breath away!

Gillie and Marc: Proud to be Different – Skye Blackburn ‘The Bug Girl’

Meet Skye, “the bug girl.” She cooks, seasons and sells crickets. She also has a 10-year-old pet burrowing cockroach almost the size of her palm, which she loves like a dog or cat.
This video will completely change the way you think about insects – which is a good thing, considering they play such a critical role to our whole planet.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dogs of Hope’ Finale

Our ‘Lost Dogs’ represent the times we’ve all felt lost. Earlier this year we launched a video series called ‘The Lost Dogs of Hope Project’ as a way to break the stigma around feeling lost.

We wanted to start a conversation to help those suffering know that feeling lost is a common human experience. Our videos went viral receiving millions of views and in just 10 weeks, we had overwhelming support from celebrities such as Mia Freedman, Layne Beachley and Matt Moran.

This is the final video in our beautiful, heartwarming project. Please watch and share. When you’ve given up on yourself, hope is the first step to finding yourself again. The conversation has begun. Let’s keep it going.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Jolene Anderson

Actress Jolene Anderson (All Saints, Home and Away) knows firsthand what can happen if you bottle things up — after a tragic incident left her sick and vulnerable, she reached a low point in her life. We’re so pleased she has recovered and spoke with us about this difficult time. Please watch and share this video to help others feel less alone. The campaign can only work the more it’s shared.

This is the sixth in our series of video interviews called ‘The Lost Dogs of Hope Project’ about feeling lost and how talking is the first step to finding yourself again.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Matt Moran

From dish rags to riches, successful chef and TV personality, Matt Moran, struggled with school and had no passion to do anything until he landed a job as a dish pig in Parramatta RSL. He shows that even a lost kid from the Western Suburbs of Sydney can build a successful empire.

Dog Tries to Kill Himself

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Leigh Campbell

Huffington Post lifestyle editor, Leigh Campbell, relives the terrifying moment she had her first panic attack. This lead to a life of secrecy and isolation until the life-changing moment she decided to make a crucial transformation.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Heather Maltman

Actress and host, Heather Maltman (The Bachelor/I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here), was badly bullied at school. We’re so grateful that she has bravely opened up about this horrendous time. Bullying is never okay. It isolates people and creates unnecessary, debilitating fear.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Layne Beachley

It’s hard not to feel complete awe when you hear Layne Beachley talk. The 7 x world surfing champion isn’t afraid to speak her mind and, to us, is the epitome of strength. But even she admits to times of being overwhelmed by feelings of fear, abandonment and rejection.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Elka Whalan

Olympic swimmer Elka Whalan talks to us about a breakdown she had during what should have been the happiest moment in her life. Instead, she was left empty, choked up and suffering from an identity crisis.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Mia Freedman

We are so honored that Mia Freedman (Co-Founder and Content Director of Mamamia) took some time out from her busy schedule to discuss a time she felt lost. We can’t even begin to imagine the trauma she went through and we hope her video helps all those currently suffering in silence.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Allison Cratchley

We’re so grateful that Allison Cratchley bravely shared the most difficult decision she ever made, even though it meant losing all her friends.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Neale Whitaker

We were so moved by Neale Whitaker Editor/Presenter/Author’s Lost Dogs of Hope video. You may recognize Vogue Living’s Editor-in-Chief from The Block. Which just goes to show it doesn’t matter how accomplished you are, we can all suffer from moments of feeling lost at any stage in our lives.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Lisa Clark

We’re so privileged to have the inspiring blogger and TV personality, Lisa Clark, opens up to us in such a brave and genuine way about when she hit rock bottom.

Pup Art

Having a bad Monday? This will cheer you up. 😊
Behind the scenes shooting for our new book Pup Art.

Gillie and Marc: ‘Lost Dog’ Interview – Gillie Schattner

We make a lot of videos, but this is by far our most personal and important.
Our ‘Lost Dogs’ represent the times we’ve felt lost. Gillie opens up in the first of a series of interviews about feeling lost and how talking is the first step to finding yourself again.
Have you ever felt lost?

Gillie and Marc Sculpture by the Sea

Time Lapse

Gillie and Marc: Dog turns into human after eating rice.

Failed dog video by Gillie and Marc. (lol).

Gillie and Marc: POP CARS

Gillie and Marc Resin cars in seizure mode!!!!

Gillie and Marc in the Studio.

Gillie and Marc shooting some sculptures – check it out!

Matilda the Rabbit

Gillie and Marc adopt Toby!

Toby the lost dog looking for a family.

Gillie and Marc adopt Joey!

Joey the lost dog looking for a family.

Gillie and Marc: Strange Animal Couples

Unusual animals together plus Dogman and Rabbitwoman

Gillie and Marc: They didn’t need a selfie stick to take good photos!

Dogman and Rabbitwoman get some photos taken in front of the Opera House, Sydney.

Gillie and Marc: You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Happy hour with Dogman and Rabbitwoman

Hold up in a Pet Store by a Man Born with a Dog Head

This is real.

World’s Weirdest Art Video Ever

They say the best art is something you have never seen or will never see again.
This video is both. You have to see it to believe it.

Gillie and Marc Chat with Imageinit

Imageinit had the opportunity to sit down with world recognized contemporary art duo, Gillie & Marc, to discuss their beginnings in their field, inspiration, upcoming projects and their creative process.

Gillie and Marc: Christmas Dog Fight

Two ‘Lost Dogs’ can’t decide who’s party to go to this Christmas!

Sign up with Gillie and Marc to WIN!

Who is God? – Gillie and Marc Schattner

The answer to this question is the sum of the parts.
The parts are ALL of us.
This will be an interactive projected ART work.
The words ‘WHO IS GOD’ will be hand painted on the gallery wall.

A projection of people from a cross section of Australia will appear next to the words and give their answers, which are both surprising and revealing. It will look like they are actually standing there.

For the public to be involved in the response, they will also be able to write their answer to this question on a post-it note which will sit on a small table next to the projection. The post-it note answers will then be stuck to the wall around the question for everyone to read, making it engaging and interactive.

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Friends Forever

Moby and Steven the ‘Lost Dog’ have a hang out. Filmed and Edited – Ben Schattnered and edited – Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Frisbee Fun

Cory the ‘Lost Dog’ tries out his new frisbee. Filmed and edited – Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Friends Forever

Moby and Steven the ‘Lost Dog’ have a hang out. Filmed and Edited – Ben Schattnered and edited – Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Slippery Dip

Roger the ‘Lost Dog’ goes down the slide at Thornton Reserve. Filmed and edited – Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Playing Ball

Linus the ‘Lost Dog’ shooting some hoops in Moore Park. Filmed and Edited – Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Monday Morning

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dog’ goes to work early on Monday morning however he has trouble and gets a bit stuck on the escalator. Filmed and edited by Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Poo in the Park

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dog’ Daniel goes to the park, however he has some trouble going to the toilet. Filmed and edited by Ben Schattner

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dogs’ – Burger at the Beach

Gillie and Marc’s ‘Lost Dog’ Daniel goes Bondi Beach and feels a bit peckish so he decides to have a burger, however he finds it a bit messy to eat. Filmed and edited by Ben Schattner

‘Run for your Life’ – A stampede of Rhinos in Fed Square Melbourne

A video for the Big Screen promoting the newest residents to Fed Square, three life-sized Rhino sculptures.

Made by Australian artists Gillie and Marc, the bronze sculptures are on exhibition to highlight the plight of the Rhino in the wild. Nearly 700 Rhinos have been killed in South Africa just last year – making it the bloodiest year yet for rhino poaching. Gillie and Marc hope everyone who sets foot in Fed Square can feel a connection to sculptures and then seek to support anti-poaching projects.

‘Run for your Life’ by Gillie and Marc

Thousands of people in Melbourne are Riding Rhinos to save their lives. The black rhinos numbers are down to only 3,600 in the wild and these beautiful creatures could be 2 years away from extinction. Now critically endangered, rhinos desperately need the active involvement of everyone to save their lives. Contemporary artists Gillie and Marc have created a HUGE bronze rhino stampede in the centre of Melbourne’s Federation Square. These life size rhinos are a public artwork called ‘RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.’

Gillie & Marc – The ‘Mini Paceman Art Series,’ 2013

Happily married with two children, a golden retriever, over 30 solo exhibitions, commissioned work all over the globe and too many awards to count, we give you Gillie and Marc. How they do it? No one knows. Next up in the ‘Mini Paceman Art Series’ are husband and wife duo, Gillie and Marc Schattner. Working together for the last 20 years, they have even taken to painting on the same canvas at the same time (now that’s impressive). With over 30 solo exhibitions under their belt, it seems these two really do have it all. See more

Artists Gillie and Marc have dog sculptures valued at $500,000 stolen

All but three out of the 100 fiberglass dog sculptures planted around the greater Sydney region have been stolen in recent months, revealing that people will go to any length to secure themselves a quirky piece of contemporary art. The sculptures were part of an unusual social experiment conducted by contemporary artists Gillie and Marc Schattner to determine who would steal public art. “Marc and I are huge supporters of bringing art on the streets and making it really accessible,” Gillie said. “Honest to god, we never expected the works to go that fast.”

Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi 2012

Gillie and Marc Sculpture titled ‘The Travellers Have Arrived’ is installed at Bondi Beach. With a crew of 8, it takes almost 8 hours to get it to Tamarama Point and safely installed.

Life Can’t Wait For Organ Donors 2005

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, May 11, 2005: Sunanda Creagh Art is such a powerful tool for creating change. In 2005, we had a great result with our show ‘life can’t wait.’ It was probably one of the most humbling and rewarding things we have ever done.

Bondi Shoot

Gillie and Marc photographed two Weimaraner dogs and a male model on Bondi beach and afterwards joined the head of the dog with the body of the man. Filmed and edited by Ben Schattner

If Jesus was around today he would be a skateboarder

When Jesus walked the Earth, he was a youthful rebel. Lets face it he came from a rural backwater, hung out with outcasts, and was seen by most of society as a misfit. He never went to university, never attended any great centers of learning, or was entrusted with any power. He spoke to small crowds, and pushed his ideas principally through the 11 teenagers he chose to hang out with. He had ideas of a better way of life, and chose to demonstrate those ideas by living that life. So if he was around today, he would probably do the same. Yep - he would be a skateboarder.

The Happiest Day of My Life

Harry loved life so much - in fact, he loved it so much he wanted to live forever. But one day, he found out that he will surely die. This is the story about a boy finding the meaning of life and living everyday to its fullest.