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Welcome to the enchanting world of Gillie and Marc's art - where the extraordinary becomes possible, and where the power of love knows no bounds.

Gillie and Marc's licensing partnership program opens a portal to the extraordinary universe of Rabbitwoman and Dogman, the iconic characters that embody the heart and soul of their artistic vision. Through this program, Gillie and Marc are extending their artworks to new partnerships, connecting with these lovable characters in a myriad of creative ways, fostering a global community bound by love and compassion.

The program transcends geographical boundaries, allowing fans and admirers worldwide to integrate the spirit of Rabbitwoman and Dogman into their lives, whether through merchandise, collaborations, or immersive experiences.

As ambassadors of love and advocates for positive change, Gillie and Marc extend an invitation to all to become a part of the wonderful world they've crafted—a world that celebrates diversity, encourages empathy, and spreads joy through the universal language of art.

Who are Rabbitwoman and Dogman?
Rabbitwoman embodies creativity, strength, and love, finding solace in nature's beauty. Accompanied by Dogman, she explores jungles, cycles through new cities, and marvels at the intricate details of the natural world. Her traits include being loving, social, and imaginative, with interests in exploration, art, and social harmony. Dogman, strong and loyal, embraces new adventures and faces challenges with bravery. Grounded and gentle, he lives as a scientist, understanding the interconnectedness of all living things. His traits include loyalty, playfulness, and intelligence, with interests in exploration, conservation, and fitness. Together, Rabbitwoman and Dogman create a dynamic duo, celebrating the wonders of life and fostering positive connections with the world around them. 

Tone of Voice 
Gillie and Marc are renowned for their optimistic and uplifting artistic expression. They firmly believe in the transformative power of art to unite people and instigate positive change. This conviction is mirrored in their community-centered approach and consistently positive messaging. Their infectious positivity has cultivated a devoted following of fans and supporters who are captivated by the heartwarming and inspiring nature of their artworks. Gillie and Marc embody traits such as being positive, heartfelt, supportive, inclusive, courageous, whimsical, playful, and, above all, always loving.

Making a memorable partnership with Gillie and Marc
Partnering with Gillie and Marc will bring a myriad of creative possibilities. From fashion and home decor to technology and entertainment, their iconic characters seamlessly integrate into diverse brand collaborations. Imagine unique fashion lines, art-inspired home decor, and innovative technology featuring their whimsical figures. The possibilities extend into animated series or films, creating engaging storytelling experiences. This licensing program is an open invitation to explore and infuse Gillie and Marc's art into various aspects of a brand or partnership, ensuring a distinctive and memorable collaboration.

How to get started?
Embarking on a creative journey with Gillie and Marc is as simple as reaching out. To explore the myriad of possibilities for Rabbitwoman and Dogman, all you need to do is send us an email. Whether you envision their positive presence gracing apparel, home décor, hotels... or anything else, we're here to discuss and bring your imaginative ideas to life.

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