Garden Sculptures

Gardens are beautiful places, bringing a feeling of peace and tranquillity, a special place to escape from our busy lives. Whether it’s the large public garden down the road or your own backyard, they give the chance to be in the outdoors surrounded by the tranquillity of plant life. Sculptures are a wonderful addition to every garden, bringing an extra dimension of beauty, culture, and food for thought as you wander through the trees and flowers.

In our range of garden sculptures, we are bringing the opportunity to take your gallery out into the open! There is only so much space inside, but outside you can let your imagination run wild. Cast in beautiful bronze that lasts for hundreds of years, our range is suited for both public and private gardens, bringing a world of fantasy to every space where minds are allowed to run free.

To add sculptures to your garden, start by looking around at what you already have in place. Look for little hollows, spaces that peek out from behind a rose bush or shade beneath a tree. Next, think about the story you want your garden to tell. Would you like to take the mind on an adventure with familiar characters like Rabbitwoman and Dogman, or would you prefer an array of different stories, each bringing a different idea and point for introspection? Whatever journey you choose it’s bound to inspire and amaze.