Taking Care Of Your Painting


Caring for your paintings and your responsibility as the owner.


Canvas paintings should only be displayed indoors as the natural elements will cause your artwork to deteriorate. Paintings will maintain their original appearance as long as they are cared for periodically. The maintenance of painted artworks is simple and easy. The following information will help you to understand the nature of certain materials and how to care for it.

What is Gold Leaf?
Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered and flattened to make a thin and delicate foil. Due to the fragile nature of this material, gold leaf paintings must be carefully handled.  When installing your gold leaf painting, make sure to wear plain cotton gloves to avoid transferring fingerprints or scratched onto the surface. 

1)  Never use chemicals, cleaning solutions, surface sprays, or any other unknown substances to clean the surface of the painting.  
2)  Avoid exposing the painting to UV lights and heat as this rise in temperature will adversely affect the surface materials.
3)  Never place your painting above a fireplace (as heat and soot tend to rise) or near any bathroom (as steam can lead to dampness, warping and event fungus growth.

Care routine
If dust builds up on the painting, it will need to be dusted. It is good practice to keep your paintings clean by regularly dusting them with a dry cloth.

Ensure that any hooks used for hanging are firmly secured in a wall stud to prevent the painting falling off the wall and damaging the frame.

Step 1: Use a dry soft cloth to gently dust any build up on your painting.

Step 2: If handling the artwork, hold it from the edge, the hanging wire or the stretch-bar behind the canvas and wear cotton gloves.

Step 3: To remove fingerprints from gold leaf paintings, use a soft bristled kabuki make up brush. Gently brush the mark with a soft circular motion and gradually the stain will dissipate. 

Your responsibility as the owner of a Gillie and Marc painting
From the moment the painting is purchased it is your responsibility to take care of it and maintain it. Canvas paintings are highly resistant and can last for many years; however, damages can occur if the artwork is mishandled in any way.

Canvas can be damaged by sharp or heavy objects. Dropping a painting can cause the wooden frame to break and dents or sags to form in the canvas. Light and humidity are a painting's worst enemy.

So please love your artwork and it will love you back!