Mid-Size Garden Bronze Sculptures

Surrounding our homes, bringing life and joy, gardens are our personal retreat. For those lucky enough to have this green wonderland at our doorstep gardens are a life force that cannot be equalled. And when art is added to the mix something amazing happens. They come to life with magical stories, hidden characters, and fantastical dreams. Everyone should have the opportunity to transform their garden into this wonderland. And now they can.

Featuring some of Gillie and Marc’s most iconic and breakthrough works, this range of mid-size sculptures will bring creativity and beauty to your garden that will last forever. On sandstone plinths, these sculptures are raised up, peeking over bushes with the best view in the house. These natural coloured structures blend into the garden surroundings, appearing to be a part of the organic surroundings while giving the sculpture a greater impact of size. Using the optical advantage of the plinth to cut down on cost, everyone can enjoy a seemingly large bronze sculpture in their garden.