We had the pleasure to install 4 Gillie & Marc statues as part of a 1.5 art mile “The Golden Mile” project in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. To say these statues were an immediate hit and beloved is a vast understatement! Visitors love interacting with the statues and taking photos. One of my favorite things to do is to find a good spot and observe visitor interactions with the whimsical and beautiful statues. While Golden Gate Park is one of the most visited parks in the US with over 23 million visitors a year - this area of the Park GoldenMileProject.org is enjoying a whopping 36% increase in visitors since the road became car free and we began installing public art. The Gillie & Marc status are a big part of that increase and it joys us to no end to see more San Franciscans and international visitors delight in interacting with this public art.

Patricia Suflita Wilson
Executive Director | The Golden Mile - San Francisco

Rabbitwoman and Dogman's journey to save endangered wildlife (Children's Book) not only packs a wallop of a message, but it does it with dazzling illustrations and accessible perspective. Bravo!

Neil Patrick Harris
American actor, singer, writer, producer, and television host

Having Gillie and Marc artworks in our restaurants has really taken each space to a new level. Their vibrant and whimsical pieces bring together an element of fun with a classic signature style, which has helped to welcome visitors by creating a more inviting and joyful environment. Our clients constantly comment on the creative and contemporary atmosphere that our locations embody and we are thrilled to have Gillie and Marc works as they are paramount to this feeling.

Tetsuya Wakuda

"Immersing thousands of visitors in a captivating blend of art and nature, the "A Wild Life for Wildlife" art exhibit on the Oculus Plaza at World Trade Center offers a unique, interactive, and memorable experience for all that sparks joy and a deep connection with the beauty of the natural world."

Arianna Kane
World Trade Center

A Wild Life for Wildlife has been incredibly impactful so far at London Bridge City. The interactive exhibition engages successfully with the public to educate and inform and raise vital funds for ZSL, a charity that focuses on wildlife conservation, whilst providing a fun outdoor trail for all to enjoy.

Paige Woodhouse
Place Marketing Manager | London Bridge City 

“We are proud to support endangered wildlife species by championing the important message of the ‘Love the Last March’ exhibition.

Adam Radwanski
Managing director Asia Pacific | Silversea Cruises

'Wild About Babies' immediately made a huge positive impact to Perth Zoo, both aesthetically and from a visitor engagement perspective. They look like they truly belong. In particular, the addition of the Mother Gorilla at the front entrance has given it a real lift and proved to be extremely popular with visitors, staff and local residents.

Claire Wright
Executive Director | Perth Zoo

Flora and fauna are both part of the natural world. Climate change that affects plant habitats, also has an adverse effect on animal life. Gardens by the Bay is pleased to provide a platform for the message behind this inspirational sculpture to reach visitors from all over the world.

Ms May Yeo
Assistant Chief Executive Officer | Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

I am incredibly grateful for—and in awe of—Gillie and Marc’s efforts: the skill and artisanship with which they’ve recreated (and enhanced) me is amazing. The statue has a profound and lovely expression and I feel like you can tell I’m in my element—somewhere among the spinifex-clad hills of the Pilbara, taking a moment to sit and ponder the natural world.

Abigail Allwood
Australian geologist and astrobiologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Gillie and Marc are two visionary artists who share a passion as I do for community service. I am humbled to be a part of their vision.

The sculpture is quite amazing. Looks a lot like me.

Sonia Maria Sotomayor
American lawyer and jurist, Associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Good morning Gillie and Marc, Hope this is an amazing unveiling today.. You both have done so much justice to this sculpture.. It is more than Bronze or the other materials and elements that comprise it.. It is a symbol of triumph and emancipation from the trauma that First Nation people here and all around this nation are lifting themselves out of and sharing with the world the value of the thousands of generations of footprints left here from their ancestors.. And how this is a valuable key to our national identity and to all of our healing in walking forward together.. Congratulations for working with and achieving such a monumental piece of our Nova..

Jandamarra Cadd
Aboriginal Portrait Artist

"Since the opening of 'The Orphans' we have had so much positive feedback. Just so much incredible love for the elephants, it has been overwhelming! Many people want 'The Orphans’ to remain in London forever. And we can see it's a story that generations to come can connect with. Angela and the team over there are delighted, and blown away, by the repeat success in sales of the miniatures and so grateful to Gillie, Marc and all of you for your continued support. It’s so special that you continue to generate these critically important support for us, which makes a tangible difference to what we can achieve in Kenya".

Rob Brandford
Executive Director  | Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (UK)

"Dear Gillie and Marc, I just wanted you to know that your beautiful lions are now happily settled in Newcastle. I felt the lion display was even better than in London, as they were placed closer together and it felt more like a pride. It was a very windy day but the sun came out, and we had a lovely group of school  children- all with their sketch pads!

Personally I am deeply moved by your beautiful and unique work, and will always be grateful for the way you have brought the lions to life."

Virginia McKenna
Co-Founder and Trustee | Born Free Foundation

"Gillie and Marc share ReForest Now's vision of seeing the immediate and effective restoration of Australian rainforest ecosystems. Through their art they have graciously funded the planting of 340 trees (as of April 2022) to restore a critically endangered ecosystem in northern NSW. We sincerely thank Gillie and Marc, and their community, for contributing and allowing us to act."

Kallen Marecic 
Partnerships Manager | ReForest Now

We are humbled. Such an honor to have this beautiful and impactful art (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) at our property. A special privilege for us. Thank you. 

Christopher Conlon
EVP, Chief Operating Officer
Acadia Realty Trust

Having King Nyani debut in Bella Abzug Park has been an incredible experience. We are thrilled to host the world's largest bronze gorilla sculpture to raise awareness for the endangered animal.  King Nyani has brought by hundreds of new visitors and amplifies the park as a destination within our neighborhood and the city. It is a very welcomed addition to our public space. 

It was great working with Gillie and Marc and their team. They were available every step of the way to answer questions and troubleshoot. The collaboration with the HYHK team on the ground was seamless.

Nikkole Mojica
Director of Communications & Cultural Engagement
Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance

Something big has arrived at Taronga! Working in philanthropy for a not-for-profit conservation organisation, I’ve worked on a myriad of wildlife projects - but a giant bronze gorilla sculpture was a first! We were honoured to receive the majestic King Nyani, created by renowned artists Gillie and Marc. Having been created in NYC, the Gillie and Marc team even arranged to have him shipped him off to sail the high seas from NYC to take up residence under our huge fig tree. He’s telling the stories that need to be told in a somewhat different encounter! When you sit in his hand and gaze into his huge soulful eyes, you can’t help but contemplate the wonder of wildlife…and that the future is really in our hands. Western Lowland Gorillas are critically endangered due to illegal poaching and deforestation. King Nyani covers so many bases, from being an incredible artwork to a massive agent of change inspiring our wildlife warrior guests across the generations.

Stephanie Hart
Senior Philanthropy Manager | Taronga Foundation

Kur-ring-gai Council recently commissioned Gillie and Marc to produce a playful sculpture of a large snail for installation within Putarri Reserve Park upgrade in St Ives Sydney. The park contains a children’s play space as well as picnic shelters and an informal turf recreation space. Gillie and Marc created a fantastic, playful bronze snail complete with riding saddle that now sits nestled beneath the trees waiting to be ridden by the ever expanding population of St Ives. The snail was created on time and too budget and Gillie and Marc and their team were a pleasure to work with

William Birt • Coordinator Design • Ku-ring-gai Council

Amongst the more than 650 works on display at Sculptureum in Auckland are a number that were made by Gillie and Marc. The most significant of them is a life size elephant climbing out of a manhole which is  one of our most photographed works on site.  Many people have no interest in art and the Gillie and Marc works that are on display fill an important role in helping them to engage with art.

Anthony Grant
Owner of Sculptureum

Gillie and Marc were a very professional company to work with, with the knowledge necessary for Developers with little to no experience in the forum of public art.

Kind Regards
Raymond Nassif

“The Larry Luing statue has become a focal point on the Berkeley College campus and a favorite place for selfies. It’s centrally located in front of our Renaissance building. On cold winter nights students dress him with a Berkeley blue wool cap and scarf. His presence makes the campus so much more personable and friendly.

What a warm feeling I get when I drive up the hill onto campus and see the likeness of my father there to welcome me. The statue is so realistic. The artists did a fantastic job – thank you Gillie and Marc!”

Randy Luing
Berkeley College

"We were all very humbled as the paper and plastic covering was slowly taken off and we started to see our eagle (Hokioi) and Te Maia Kahurangi aloft. It was a long awaited moment and we were not disappointed. Gillie and Marc have nailed it. Thank you all very much.

It is a true masterpiece and the team have captured the scene with skill and exceptional foresight to bring the Maori legend of Te Maia Kahurangi, the eagle man, and the Hokioi back to life.

It has been a truly inspiring journey for all of us. Thank you team Gillie & Marc."

Barry and the Karamea Council
New Zealand

"The City of Pompano Beach Florida absolutely loves the sculpture. It is the perfect addition to our growing collection. I think it works so nice at the entrance to the Library and south entrance to the Pompano Beach Cultural Center because of its whimsical charm."

Laura Atria
Public Art Program Manager, City of Pompano Beach

"Gillie & Marc are not only great and honest artists but active ambassadors for important current causes which affect us all directly, as well as being totally lovely people. I am so honored to have met and to have spent a little time with them during our collaboration which has resulted in ‘Together Forever on Wheels’ being installed, for a prolonged stay at The Brunswick. This piece fits perfectly within the sentiment and feel of The Brunswick and will be enjoyed by the millions of visitors to the centre each year. I am overwhelmed by their generous selfless charity work for the affected animals and people during the current catastrophic Australian bushfires. Glad and honored to be associated with these two diamonds."

John Lazari
Marketing Manager | Lazari Investments Limited

"Working with you and Gillie and Marc on this project was a wonderful adventure, and the results could not be more amazing. Our Moxie has quickly become a beloved treasure of our community and a symbol of the fun and interesting things that people can experience in Muskegon, Michigan. Part of the appeal of Moxie certainly is the whimsical nature of the sculpture, but I truly think that it is the beauty of the work of art that will guarantee its remarkable and continuing impact on our community. Gille and Marc are excellent artists and capture the soul of the animals that they commit to bronze so very beautifully. Our 20 mini-mastodons have also been a huge hit. The Lakeshore Museum Center estimates that they have given away literally hundreds of the small magnets that are the prize for completing the scavenger hunt!

Thank you for giving us exactly what we wanted with this first commission of the MuskegonCity Public Art Initiative!"

Judith A. Hayner
Project Director | Muskegon City | Public Art Initiative

"Dear Gillie & Marc, I wanted to thank you for the honor you're bestowed in being one of the subjects in your statue art collection. I know not where to begin but to say I marvel at your extraordinary care in representing woman your fine craft. I wish you both much joy and success, it was indeed a pleasure to work with you and witness your talent and vision unfold. I hope to travel in the spring to visit my bronze self and see up close your larger than life display. With many blessings & much respect." 

Tracy Caldwell Dyson

"This portrait is incredibly well done and very beautiful. I love it and will proudly share it with the world. Please give my admiration to Gillie and Marc and let them know that the metaphor sounds like something my grandmother would say. I love it! And everything has such a powerful resonates to the core of my ancestors! With Gratitude"

Tererai Dr.
Tererai Trent | Author of The Awakened Woman

"Gillie and Marc have been wonderful to work with. We have green-lit five of their art projects over the last year, from the Financial District to Park Avenue. I find art kind of off-putting and stodgy, but Gillie and Marc's is really friendly and engaging. You can sit down and have a coffee with their sculptures. You can’t do that with the Mona Lisa."

Michael Aisner
Vice President | RXR Realty, New York City

"I love their hearts" 

CEO | San Antonio Zoo

"Gillie and Marc’s Paparazzi Dogs and Rabbit girl have conquered New York City Streets. Gillie and Marc Schattner of Australia have become the New York City’s most prolific creators of public art."

New York Times

"Thank you to Gillie and Marc. I know that this statue was a project that was close to your heart. It is stunning. It will bring joy to generations and will urge them to consider the legacy of the ANZACs: Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it. Education is the first line of defense against the powerful forces of ignorance and diffidence and the first best weapon in ensuring that the legacy of the fallen is passed onward to future Australians. Lest we be complacent. Lest we be apathetic. Lest our careless indifference muddy the sacrifice of those who thought our future attitude to be worth the price. Lest we forget."

Stuart Quarmby
Foundation Headmaster | Wollondilly Anglican College | Tahmoor, NSW

"The bronze sculpture made for us by Gillie and Marc has become an impressive feature of the Eagle Farm Racecourse. Collaboration between our team and the artists during the artwork's creation was a smooth process, and the final product has realistic attention to detail. We couldn't be happier with how it tuned out, and we will enjoy watching our patrons admire the statue as they return to Eagle Farm Racecourse.”

Jeff Kahler
General Manager | Property & Asset Management | Brisbane Racing Club (Eagle Farm Racecourse)

“Like Shandu, rhinos are going belly up in the wild! Shandu is a powerful reminder of the plight of rhinos in the wild, and very popular with Monarto Zoo’s visitors, educating them about the present threats to rhinos. The heartbreaking reality is one rhino is killed every six hours and Monarto Zoo is committed to saving rhinos from extinction by providing them with a safe haven and running successful breeding programs on site.”

Miriam Lawley
Marketing Manager | Adelaide Zoo

“Citipointe Christian College commissioned Gillie and Marc in 2015 to create a sculpture for our newly established Anzac Memorial. The young student dressed in school uniform presenting the Australian Army slouch hat (owned by one of our teachers who is in the Army reserve) was captured beautifully by Gillie and Marc.   In 2017 Ps Ron Woolley our Headmaster of 33 years was in his retirement year. To celebrate this auspicious occasion Gillie and Marc were again commissioned to produce two sculptures. The eagle and the family of Australian wood ducks were created in appreciation of the many bird stories presented at assemblies by Ps Woolley.   The three sculptures produced for Citipointe Christian College are of high quality, were delivered within the timeframe and are a delight to our community. Thank you Gillie and Marc.”

Glenda Fitz Payne
Development Director | Citipointe Christian College

“Gillie and Marc created a full size sculpture of our beautiful lioness Millie and her three cubs. The work has taken pride of place in the main garden at the entry to the zoo and to Jamala Wildlife Lodge and is a great attraction to many visitors. It is constantly photographed and is a magnificent piece of art.”

Richard Tindale
Owner | National Zoo & Aquarium

“It was a pleasure to work with Gillie and Marc who brought our idea to life. Efficient, easy to work with and professional in every step of the process.”

Chris O’Malley
Deputy Principal/Campus Leader | Emmanuel College

"The Gillie and Marc pieces at Westfield Bondi Junction have provided a great photo moment for our customers. People of all ages stop to get a snap with the eye catching artwork!"

Kristi Grose
Marketing Manager | Westfield Bondi Junction | Sydney

"We loaned about ten Gillie and Marc artworks for our opening night and then decided to purchase them to maintain that opening night atmosphere. Since then, the artworks have become an integral part of the personality of the hotel. Everyone including staff members and guests feels an affinity towards them, in particular Paparazzi. It’s a great way of cementing a different personality to our hotel. Gillie and Marc’s artworks are like adopting an extra member of the family or staff member. They are a lot of fun, and always provide a light moment.”

Bernie Boller
General Manager | Pullman Hotels | Sydney, Australia

“Artists Gillie and Marc have done an amazing job [with Black Rhinos] of capturing such an iconic species in a very lifelike and natural way.”

Matthew Fuller
Director | Dubbo Zoo | NSW, Australia

“The Run for your Life sculptures are a welcome and striking addition to our Melbourne campus and appreciated by staff and students. Our family of rhinoceros are prompting discussion, delight and curiosity – traits encouraged by our University.”

Adrienne E Clarke
Chancellor Professor | La Trobe University | Melbourne

“[Black Rhinos] are a tourist attraction in their own right. A lot of people know Dubbo is the home to Taronga Western Plains Zoo, especially now as we have those great, fantastic statues.”

Ben Shields
Deputy Mayor | Dubbo NSW, Australia

My wife and I have been fans of Gillie and Marc for many years now. After purchasing several pieces at their auction we requested a commissioned painting of our daughter. The piece is amazing and was completed with no stress or delay. The whole process from our initial request to completion has been enjoyable and only leaves us more impressed with Gillie and Marc's professionalism as a business. Their talent as artists already speaks for itself and they are terrific people as well. Thank you for a piece which will mean so much to our family for many years to come.

Jed Gould
Director of Tennis | School of the Sacred Heart | Rose Bay | NSW

In 2015 the small mining community of Collinsville celebrated the 25th anniversary since the retirement of Australia’s last working pit ponies. The Collinsville pit ponies were in fact Clydesdale horses, renowned for their strength and intelligence. More than just workmates, these horses were loved by the entire community. To commemorate their lives and role in the history of the district, the Collinsville community decided to build a life-size bronze pit pony in the centre of town. After discussing our requirements with several sculptors we outlined our needs for the Pit Pony sculpture with Gillie and Marc. We had researched their work and loved their style and ability to capture the spirit of the subject in every piece. The price Gillie and Marc offered to complete the Pit Pony sculpture was very generous and we embarked on a 60 day campaign to raise funds for the project. Upon successful completion of our crowdfunding campaign, work began immediately on preparing the sculpture. We worked closely with Gillie and Marc, as well as a Clydesdale breeder in Queensland, to ensure every detail on the horse and harness was perfect. The work came along quickly, and our pit pony was delivered well within the timeframe – ready for unveiling! At 10am, on the 28th of November, 2015, the Collinsville community gathered in force to witness the unveiling of our Pit Pony. Even though he was masked in horse rugs, the splendor and strength of the work was hard to hide! After a short ceremony two of the last horse handlers from the Collinsville Mine uncovered the Pit Pony for all to see. It was a very emotional moment for the whole community. Our Pit Pony is now the centre of Collinsville and visitors travel just to see him and have a pat. The grace and intelligence of the creature is inspiring, while the gorgeous bronze allows for a tactile experience – children ride and cuddle him, while adults take photos and remember the days when the pit ponies led our May Day parades through the town. Thank you, Gillie and Marc, for helping us to create this long-lasting and incredibly special monument for our town. Your talent and ability to recreate the majesty that was the Collinsville Pit Pony has brought new meaning to our town and reunited our community in the process.

Jenn Honnery
Collinsville | NSW

“I love Pyramid. It’s been the most photographed thing in town and has brought in a lot of tourism dollars.”

Keith Mullette
President | Forbes Arts Society | NSW

“The team at Gillie and Marc were highly professional from start to finish and everything was executed with great attention to detail.  Their work is simply stunning and stopped customers in their tracks.”

John Klein
Marketing Manager | Federation Centres/Bankstown Central | NSW

I was taken by Gillie and Marc’s ‘Run for your Life’ installation immediately when I happened upon it in the summer of 2014 at Federation Square in Melbourne. The bronze rhinos were instantly commanding of attention due to their size and creative Sound Box – hearing a heard of rhinos run in the centre of the city was a transportive experience. It was delightful to constantly see children and adults alike climbing all over the sculptures, having their picture taken with them – the works were accessible and appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds. Melbourne has truly embraced Run for your life which is evident in both the public’s physical and digital interaction with the sculptures. Wonderment Walk was very pleased to acquire the installation and was proud to temporarily display it at the SummerSalt Outdoor Arts Festival in Melbourne over the summer months this year. We are looking forward to permanently placing the installation in Melbourne later this year. We have really enjoyed working closely with Gillie and Marc on promoting the rhinos and the science related narrative of sustainability and biodiversity to new audiences in Victoria.

Eddie Kutner
Founder and Chair | Wonderment Walk | Victoria

“The memorial project has received wide spread acclaim and many people have commented on the physical likeness of the statue to the Darrel Baldock they remember. Gillie and Marc’s work has undoubtedly enhanced the memorial to ‘Doc’ and we hope they are as proud of the finished project as we are.”

Cr. Peter Freshney
Chairman | Darrel Baldock Memorial Committee | Latrobe

As a member of The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts I was appointed the task of providing artistic direction to Gillie and Marc Schattner. I worked closely via email and with Gillie and Marc and understood clearly the artistic process and timelines as defined by the artists. Our statue of Henry Lawson is welcoming and successfully achieves the kind of public response we had hoped for. The whole installment is complementary to our heritage streetscape and adds to the appeal of the town of Grenfell. My particular passion for the Henry Lawson project meant that I conveyed changes where appropriate to the statue to the slightest degree; I can assume that this process would be tedious to other artists however Gillie and Marc were appreciative of the feedback, which ultimately resulted in the end product being something we are mutually proud of.

Carly Brown
Member of The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts | Grenfell

“Emanuel School has been blessed to have had Gillie and Marc bring our ideas to life and would not hesitate to recommend them for their dedication to bringing abstract ideas into reality through sculpture, and for their expertise and creativity.”

Anne Hastings
Principal | Emanuel School

Dear Gillie and Marc It has been a pleasure to work with you in bringing our sculpture from a concept to its realization in bronze. It now sits proudly at the entrance of the school and we are particularly pleased with the finished product. It stands as a testimony to friendship and learning two fundamental aspects of what this School stands for. Thank you

Mr Garry K Brown, OAM
Headmaster | Mosman Preparatory School

"Gillie and Marc were an absolute pleasure to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them. They are two very professional, dedicated and passionate artists, who take immense pride in their work.”

Rachel Stuart
Parks Planning and Development Manager | Hastings District Council

Gillie and Marc created three sculptures for Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the City of Dubbo, that are located at the Zoo, regional airport and visitor centre. The sculptures have been extremely well received by Zoo visitors and members of the Dubbo community. We’re absolutely thrilled with them and in awe of the Gillie and Marc’s skills in creating such quality, lifelike pieces. Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Shallon McReaddie
Promotions and Public Relations Manager | Taronga Western Plains Zoo

“We are so thrilled with the Paparazzi Dogs here at Fed Square. They are proving to be extremely popular and are a really wonderful site specific installation.”

Renee Dudfield
Manager Creative Projects | Fed Square Pty Ltd

Thanks you very much for the sculpture. It looks great!!

Hisatake Kamori
Managing Director | Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Last Thursday we opened the Barak sculpture/fire pit/scar tree with canoe and the Coranderrk contemplation space. It was a really moving event with aboriginal people who would normally never attend the same event present. Children from three different schools sang an Aboriginal song, etc. It was opened by the minister for Aboriginal affairs. Murrundindi the aboriginal leader who works closely with us was at times overcome with emotion and feels that he can now relax because a true foundation has been laid to hare his culture which he is so keen on."All in all – marvelous and thanks you both so much for undertaking the Barak sculpture for us. We feel very proud of it!"

Glen Holland
Director | Healesville Sanctuary

We were delighted with the inspired sculpture that Gillie and Marc produced for our College. It now stands in a key location within our grounds and is deeply valued by the students, staff and parents who can interact so easily with it. It gives expression to the defining spirit of our community, capturing the past, present and future. In doing so, it has sparked a dialogue amongst people about ‘who we are’ and ‘what we believe in’. None of this would have been possible without Marc and Gillie’s capacity to engage with us in such a meaningful and respectful conversation about our College. We are most grateful to them for this exquisite and evocative art piece.

Br Darren Burge FMS
Principal | St Augustine’s College | QLD

“The doggies are so loved at the Sydney’s Children Hospital! They have been a huge hit with the patients, parents and staff and we have had really positive feedback. Everyone very much likes the dynamism of the current piece, and the resolute quality of the father dog.”

Roxanne Fea
Arts Curator | Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

Thank you on behalf of Wellington Zoo to Gillie and Marc! The Chimp sculpture looks great on Chimp Lawn. While I was up there earlier it was great to be able to hear the chimps running around their exhibit, while looking over the city and the sculpture from you.

Ryan Hambleton
Fundraising Manager | Wellington Zoo Trust

It’s no secret I’m a dog lover. Our two handsome Weimaraners have appeared with me on this page for a few years now, so you can imagine my response when Sydney artists Gillie and Marc Schattner asked if they could paint hem. Already fans of Gillie and Marc’s irreverent, affectionate work, it was wonderful for the family to be captured on canvas.

Neale Whitaker
Editor in Chief | Belle Magazine

“Straightaway the children were very taken with [St Lucy’s Dog], some stopping to talk and pat and wave to it, even the most severely disabled children. It is already a part of St Lucy’s. The dog is exactly what I hoped for and more: a beautiful guardian for beloved children and staff.”

Jo Karaolis
Principal | St Lucy’s School

It looks amazing! Thank you so much for such a special piece of art that we will treasured. Gator has such a special place in our family it is a wonderful tribute to the highest leaping crocodile in Australia.

Greg Parker
Managing Director | Ballarat Wildlife Park

The family absolutely loved the statue, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

Rachel Stuart
Parks Policy and Development Manager | Hastings District Council

We had visitors to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in the last year that we were unaware were very well known and talented sculptors. They were so blown away by our Tasmanian species and how many animals were only left in Tasmania, as well as our work, that they made contact and wanted to help. The idea was formed to produce a powerful statue featuring three of Tasmania’s marsupial species now left no where else in the world but Tasmania. These three Tasmanian animals are the well known Tasmanian Devil, an icon to Tasmania and an icon to wildlife’s fight for survival around the world. The Eastern quoll, in rapid decline over the past few years and one of our few predators left, to represent the four species of quoll in Australia all in decline, and the Tasmanian bettong. A little known species by most people, sadly including Tasmanians, representing the little creatures crucial for the food chain, seed dispersal and the bigger picture, to represent the fact that everything has an important place in our ecosystem. Once the sculpture of the Tasmanian Bettong, the Tasmanian Devil and the Eastern Quoll was put into place and secured, Gillie and Marc came to visit the sculpture. Gillie and Marc visited with their family and it was lovely to see them able to see what a change can be made within the Tasmanian community from such an amazing piece of art and all that it represents. Now at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary the Bronze Sculpture ‘Now and Forever’ will be an icon for all to see. Thank you so very much Gillie and Marc for the brilliant and beautiful piece of art and for all of your hard work and dedication. Your talent will be at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary for all to see ‘NOW and FOREVER’

Warm Regards
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

“Within half an hour of Fetch Boy’s installation we had people come in to ask about him. Within a day we had the Maitland Mercury down, and within two days the Sydney Telegraph were here as well. Within a week a new route had been established by families that incorporated a visit to Fetch Boy before coming through the front doors.”

Cheryl Farrell
Collection Curator | MRAG

You two are stars!!! … Your work is wonderful (and you’re both gorgeous to look at) .. very well done and congratulations!

James Gordan
Creative Director of Styling | James Gordan Mixed Business

Loved your sculpture at Sculpture by the Sea. Really beautiful. What a perfect position for it. Just thought I’d let you know what pleasure the sculpture gave me.

Judy Hungerford
Director | Hungerford Design

When discovering the sculpture of these two collaborative artists, I stopped, looked, smiled and enjoyed. The pieces invite me to embrace them. With the sculpture I embark on my own journey of discovery and conversation.The tactile material of bronze tempts me to touch, polish, rub and connect without fear. What more can I ask for in a public sculpture?

Frances Keevil Director
Director | Frances Keevil Gallery

Dear Gillie and Marc, just a quick email to say how thrilled I was to receive the bust of Pope John Paul II. It is exactly what we wanted and will hold pride of place at the front of the College. To have a product so magnificent that was devised from a few photographs and a phone call is absolutely thrilling. Thank you for this wonderful piece of art.

Michael Carniato
Principal | John Paul College

The piece means a lot to us, both as a couple and as individuals. The Vespa reminds me of my time living in Italy. The “couple” are so clearly living and loving life to the full which gives you a very cheerful feeling when you look at them. When I met Eric I was strictly a cat person but as he has a cute dog I have been converted. We both have become fascinated with sculptural hares which we have seen in our travels around the world. So the piece has a lot of meaning to us and as we have recently got engaged we are very happy to be in the company of such a symbol of love.

Eric and Jacquie Mockridge

The recent gift of nine paintings generously donated by Gillie and Marc from their personal collection to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne has been a wonderful addition to the Peter Mac Art Collection.Immediately engaging, bright and uplifting, the paintings featuring the adventures of the artists' well- loved characters Rabbit Woman and Dog Man bring a joyful note into our hospital interiors and have broad appeal to all ages. At Peter Mac we strive to create an environment that is positive and welcoming for our patients, carers, visitors and staff with the display of contemporary Australian art throughout the building. Over many years we have found that works of art contribute greatly to humanising the hospital experience and these playful images by Gillie and Marc provide welcome respite and moments of joy.

It has been a pleasure working with the Schattner's at every stage to bring these wonderful paintings to Peter Mac.

Svetlana Karovich
Curator- Peter Mac Art Collection

It was a pleasure working with Gillie and Marc during the process their significant donation to the University of Canberra. Gillie and Marc were extremely generous in donating ten works of art including a sculpture to the University of Canberra. The works were gratefully received and have been widely acclaimed and remarked upon. ‘Love the Last Exhibition’ is very bright and colourful and we feel the works help reflect the University of Canberra as a bright, vibrant and young university. Thank you to Gillie, Marc and Jessie for the donation and for making the process of submitting the cultural gift fund application run smoothly.

Alex Stalker-Booth
Collections Coordinator
University of Canberra

"Through the captivating storytelling and vivid wildlife art within this book, young minds are ignited with wonder and compassion for our precious planet. As a leading wildlife conservation organization, we witness firsthand the transformative impact connections like these have in educating children about animals and fostering a deep sense of responsibility towards our wild world. It's more than just a book; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment for the next generation of conservationists."


Brookfield Zoo Chicago