Gillie and Marc's studio is a massive Andy Warhol style factory is situated in the heart of Botany in Sydney and is an old toy factory from the 1950s that will now be the production centre for all the artists work.

“30 years ago we had this dream to create our own art factory, just like Warhol. But it’s only been the past 5 years that we actually realised this is what we really wanted. We wanted to create something that was truly amazing, a building that was bursting with art,” explained Marc.

The Factory, named in homage to Warhol as well as the history of the building, is a 2500 m² building that will include studio space, gallery space, play space, creative space, and a rooftop garden.

The place is huge, with towering ceilings allowing for the artist's monumental sculptures, their biggest on-site being a 4m tall Dogman called Fetch Boy. The sculpture was so tall that the artists had to make Dogman bend over so he could fit inside.

Gillie and Marc, constantly in creative mode are excited to push themselves even further, making The Factory into a real art factory.

“We never liked the idea that galleries always showed the same work. We promise to continually create, innovate, and display new work all the time,” said Gillie.

Being in an industrial zone devoid of much green space, the artists also want The Factory to become a sanctuary for wildlife.

“We’re really excited about the rooftop. We’ve transformed it into a garden where we are already growing loads of plants. The dream is to have the entire building completely covered with trees and vines to make it into a green oasis amongst all the industry,” shared Marc.