What is Public Art

Public art removes the traditional boundaries set by curated galleries and museums, giving a new dimension to contemporary art. Customized, site-specific works are admired by many and promote harmonious interaction.

Art should be available to everyone but unfortunately not everyone has access to it. Public art reaches all walks of life — from the truck driver driving past with goods to deliver to the local GP walking to her practice.

When you give people access to art, you allow them the opportunity to decide what’s important and discover who they really are.

Public art starts a conversation and brings people together. Public art will inspire and connect communities, developments and public areas with site-specific masterpieces contributing to the cultural theme of any location.

Picture London without the Big Ben or New York without the Statue of Liberty. Although these are large-scale examples, a location is only as well known as the memory left with those who visit. When people visit your space are they left with a memory?

Gillie & Marc love bringing ideas to life and have partnered with hundreds of locations all over the world. They would love to breathe new life into your location or community, leaving a lasting impression that is unique to your space – a positive change that will last forever.