Young Minds Connecting with Wildlife

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Gillie and Marc have always cherished the opportunity to collaborate with children, believing that their boundless creativity holds the key to a brighter future for our planet.

At the heart of their art lies a profound mission: to inspire young minds to connect with endangered wildlife and become stewards of conservation. It is in this spirit that we present this comprehensive lesson plan, designed to immerse students of all ages in the captivating world of Gillie and Marc's sculptures, fostering not only artistic expression but also a deep understanding of the urgent need to protect our planet's most vulnerable species.

Through hands-on exploration, research, and creative endeavors, students will embark on a transformative journey, guided by Gillie and Marc's unwavering commitment to instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility in the next generation.

Lesson Plan: Exploring Endangered Wildlife with Gillie and Marc

Students will learn about endangered wildlife through the exploration of Gillie and Marc's sculptures and engage in creative activities to deepen their understanding of conservation.

Materials Needed:

  • Access to Gillie and Marc's public art exhibit (refer to the "Find Our Art" page for closest exhibit)
  • Gillie and Marc coloring books (50 free copies provided, additional copies available at 50% off, plus shipping costs)
  • Art supplies for creating wild art (e.g., paper, pencils, crayons, markers, paint)
  • Research materials about endangered animals (books, internet access, etc.)
Flexible, depending on the depth of exploration and activities chosen.

Lesson Plan:
  1. Introduction (10 minutes):
    • Begin by discussing the concept of endangered wildlife. What does it mean for an animal to be endangered? Why is it important to protect endangered species?
    • Introduce Gillie and Marc as artists who are passionate about wildlife conservation and explain that students will be exploring their sculptures to learn more about endangered animals.
  2. Excursion to View Sculptures (1-2 hours) (OPTIONAL) :
    • Organize a field trip to visit Gillie and Marc's sculptures in real life. Use the "Find Our Art" page to locate the closest public exhibit.
    • Encourage students to observe each sculpture closely, noting the species of wild animals depicted. Each sculpture should have a plaque identifying the animals and providing information about their endangered status.
    • View your closest public art exhibit by Gillie and Marc here -
  3. Discussion and Reflection (20 minutes):
    • After the excursion, gather students to discuss their observations and reflections. What did they learn about the endangered animals depicted in the sculptures? How did seeing the sculptures in person enhance their understanding of wildlife conservation?
  4. Wild Art Creation (30-45 minutes):
    • Provide students with art supplies and encourage them to create their own wild art inspired by Gillie and Marc's sculptures. They can choose to depict endangered animals or create their own imaginative creatures.
    • Emphasize creativity and encourage students to incorporate elements of conservation and protection into their artwork.
  5. Research Activity (30 minutes):
    • Assign students to research a specific endangered animal of their choice. They can use books, websites, or other resources to gather information about the animal's habitat, threats, conservation efforts, etc.
    • Encourage students to present their findings to the class, raising awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species.
  6. Conclusion (10 minutes):
    • Wrap up the lesson by discussing the impact of human actions on wildlife and the importance of conservation efforts.
    • Distribute Gillie and Marc coloring books to each student as a reminder of their exploration and learning about endangered animals.
Extension Activities:
  • Collaborate with local wildlife conservation organizations for guest speakers or additional resources.
  • Organize a school-wide art exhibition showcasing students' wild art creations.
  • Create a mural or display featuring facts and information about endangered animals, inspired by Gillie and Marc's sculptures.

By engaging students in hands-on exploration, creative expression, and research, this lesson plan provides a comprehensive and memorable learning experience centered around the important theme of endangered wildlife conservation.

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