• Now And Forever
  • Now And Forever

Now And Forever

Dimensions 60.0 x 60.0 x 80.0 CM (H*L*W) 

Materials Bronze 

Editions /1

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Gillie and Marc have gone through a lot of change and growth during their expansive career. They like to try new things and are always up for a challenge. But one thing that has remained steady and constant is their passion for animal conservation. The artists created Now and Forever for Tasmania’s Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. The sculpture is a showcase for three endangered species – the Tasmanian devil, the Eastern quoll and the Tasmanian bettong – who desperately need protection. “The director of the wildlife sanctuary came to us and explained how much danger these animals were in,” says Gillie. “He commissioned three sculptures because his goal is to do something about the ignorance concerning these near-extinct animals, and their importance to Australia.” The artists chose to have the three animals cuddling and hiding behind one another as a way to highlight their vulnerabilities. What we do for these beautiful creatures today, will impact their lives forever.