Tandem Lovers

Permanent Exhibition (May 2024 - Onwards)
Near 101 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601 United States
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‘Tandem Lovers’ takes you on a biking adventure with Gillie and Marc’s iconic characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman.

Since they met while travelling, adventure and exploring have been a huge inspiration in their work. They love to go biking so they can travel while being environmentally conscious at the same time. Tandem is their favourite as they have to work as one, which is how they work best.

With a seat on the back of the bike, this sculpture is interactive, allowing the public to jump on and be part of Rabbitwoman and Dogman’s next adventure.

This amazing sculpture has been installed in major cities across the world to show love and acceptance and is part of the ‘Travel Everywhere With Love’ project.

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