He Knew This Would be a Year of Good Fortune - St Collins Lane, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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World-famous artists create awe-inspiring public art in honour of Chinese New Year for Melbourne’s most unique shopping centre...bringing more than just good fortune to the city during ‘Year of the Dog’Melbourne’ St. Collins Lane, in partnership with internationally-renowned sculpture artists, Gillie and Marc, are proud to unveil a breathtaking new work of art on 260 Collins Street, honouring Chinese ‘Year of the Dog’.

The 190cm tall bronze installation features the artists’ iconic hybrid character named Dogman, holding a magnificent red apple.He knew this was going to be a year of good fortune, as the artwork is aptly titled, aims to engage existing community residents, while also attracting new visitors to this vibrant hub of multi-culturalism in Melbourne. “In Chinese, the word for apple is ping. Ping also happens to be the word for peace.

This is a critical facet to the sculpture’s design,” says Gillie, partner to Marc and one of the artists behind Chinatown’s new public art. “In the face of last year’s unstable global landscape, an apple signifying peace holds particular importance by spreading the message of diversity and acceptance for all beings.” Marc echoed these sentiments saying, “Gillie and I feel deeply connected to this representation, as all of our art is built upon the foundation of love and togetherness.”

This dazzling sculpture can be found sharing a positive message and invigorating experience inMelbourne’s new fashion flagship and dining destination, St. Collins Lane Shopping Centre.In Chinese tradition, when a dog enters a home it symbolizes the coming of good fortune. Dogs are loyal, clever and brave. Best friends to humans, they are known for having harmonious relationships with people from all-walks-of-life, and don’t discriminate against socio-economic status, race, religion, or orientation.

“We combined the powerful image of Dogman with an apple in the hopes of inspiring the public to be brave in the pursuit of a better world,” exclaimed Gillie. Gillie and Marc have worked side-by-side for over 25-years to create art as one. The artists first met on a film shoot in Hong Kong...then 7-days later, ran away to Nepal and married on the foothills of Mt. Everest. In the Chinese Zodiac chart, the dog and the rabbit are born to be a perfect pair. They understand each other by focusing on their similar traits, while facing difficulties with patience and open-minds. Coincidentally, Gillie and Marc are best known for their beloved characters –Dogman and Rabbitgirl –who tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soulmates.

As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the rabbit and the dog stand for diversity and acceptance. Gillie and Marc’s highly coveted private and public artworks can be found spreading this virtuous message to major cities all over the world, including New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and more! However, this year the artists feel very blessed to install their creation in honour of the ‘Year of the Dog’ on Collins Street in Marc’s hometown. This wondrous work of artists sure to bring good fortune to all of Melbourne in 2018!