Gillie and Marc Release “Pup Art” Where Pop Art Meets Pooch


If you love dogs like I do, then Gillie and Marc’s new coffee table book “Pup Art” is a must have.

Gillie and Marc are international contemporary artists who have worked side by side for over 25 years. Their paintings and sculptures are held in major collections all over the world.


The Pup Art book is a fun publication that shows what happens when pop art meets popular pooch. Both lovers of dogs themselves; they own a beautiful Weimaraner called Indie and have also built a huge fan base from their Weimaraner-inspired Dogman artworks across the world.


Pup Art, is a collection of photographs that captures many beautiful dogs from around the world and brings them together in the most colourful and uplifting way. You just can’t help but smile at the fun pics.  Pup Art is also a tribute to Pop Art, the much-loved artform that has made art fun, popular and accessible since the 1950s.


With the perfect mix of 40 different breeds of dogs, Gillie and Marc know that every dog has its own unique personality so with each eye-catching photo, readers are given the background of the Pooch Star.  I find this very funny with interview questions to the dogs, for example, let’s take Toby a 6 year old Bishon Frise. Toby was born in a farm outside Sydney and is happy when he gets treats but sad when mum and dad leave him In charge of the house when they leave for work. Toby answers a whole lot more questions too, and I find this quirky book a lot of fun.


All the pages are brightly coloured with thick paper, which is a good thing for the many times I’m sure the book will be opened.


It’s a bit of an investment at $120 AUD but it’s a good-sized book full of fabulous “Pup Art” and it’s already in high demand. I’m quite sure it will be a talking point of every visitor to your home.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some more dogs to admire and get to know.

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