Goodbye Rhinos

We’re about to witness the imminent extinction of our planet’s last three Northern White Rhinos. Scientists say that rhinos play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the world’s fragile ecosystem. When they die, we do too.

Gillie and Marc are famous monumental sculpture artists embarking on the biggest rhino conservation project through art that the world has ever seen, and basing it in the heart of New York City.

They will be creating the BIGGEST RHINO SCULPTURE IN THE WORLD titled, The Last Three to build a legacy for the Last Three Northern White Rhinos and save the world from extinction.

This sculpture will be used to raise awareness and gather one million goodbye messages from the world. Gillie and Marc will then take these messages and use them as petition to stop the poaching trade. Leave your goodbye message or check out all the other amazing rewards to help us SAVE THE RHINOS.

Gillie and Marc, the husband-and-wife artistic duo refuse to see these magnificent lives go in vain, and need your help to prevent history from repeating itself.

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