Heather Maltman Nearly Breaks Down In Tears As She Shares Painful Memories Of Being Bullied At School

Heather Maltman was almost reduced to tears as she opened up about being bullied as a young child in a new video.

As she sat down with artists Gillie and Marc Art the 29-year-old television personality revealed the dark details of her past which led to question her own existence.

‘There were moments where I actually questioned whether or not I should even be here and by completely segregating myself I was giving weight to the thoughts they were creating for me,’ she explained.

Heather Maltman

Last year’s Bachelor hopeful went on to state: ‘There was one very time when I felt extremely lost as a kid and it was when I got very, very badly bullied.

‘The main thing that happened from those years was that I didn’t realise that I started to isolate myself because I allowed the thoughts of these kids…to dictate my value and to dictate whether or not I was worthy of being there and being alive.’

Heather later explained that once her high school years approached, she was forced to attend a separate campus after she was threatened by fellow classmates.

Lost Dog Interview – Heather Maltman


‘When I moved into high school, which was the private school, I changed school because the girls at the primary school I went to told me if I went to their high school they would literally beat the crap out of me after school,’ she said with tears in her eyes.

She explained that she and her family had decided it was ‘probably better’ if she enrolled in another school, in hope that the bullying would stop.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Heather who found herself being the target among her new group of friends after she refused to bully her older sister Jazz.

Heather Maltman with Big Boy

Heather Maltman and sister

‘When I got to the private school I became friends with a few of the girls and quite a few of the guys, I was quiet popular…then I found out the only way I could stay in their group was if I started teasing my older sister and when I refused to do that I then became the subject of their bullying,’ she explained.

‘I became so badly bullied that I actually stopped going to school for about eight months in year eight. I had decided that it was better to stay home than actually go.’

Heather was later transferred to another high school where she attempted to keep a low profile and work at a local pizza shop after hours as an outlet to keep her occupied.

Heather Maltman
Heather Maltman

But despite the horrible memories of her schooling years, the brunette beauty has put the bullies behind her and risen above the rest and moved into a career of acting and televisions.

Heather appeared on The Bachelor last year in a bid to find love with Sam Wood before becoming a host for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’s side show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Now! alongside comedian Joel Creasy.

She has also found love with actor Andrew Steele.

‘It is funny when things like that happen in your life, that fear of not being enough or the fear of being so lost that you don’t know how to find your way out, I don’t think that ever leaves you but you always find a way to just let it be a part of who you are and let you grow,’ Heather concluded.

Heather Maltman and boyfriend Andrew Steele

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