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Gillie Schattner and Husband Marc Schattner are sculptors. Last year, their Good Boy sculpture caused outrage when it was shown in leafy Woollahra in Sydney. Today, it will be erected outside the Linton and Kay Gallery in Hay Street, Subiaco. You won’t be able to miss it. Gillie filled out IC’s Proust Questionnaire.
Age: 43
First job: Making coffee. It’s still the first job of the day.
Defining moment: Realising that you can be a mother, wife, business owner and artist without going completely insane.
I love: Everything my personal trainer tells me I shouldn’t
I loathe: My personal trainer. He tortures me for fun!
The person that had the greatest influence on me: My 4th grade teacher who told me I wasn’t good at painting.
Why I love my home town (Sydney) : Because it’s not London. I was born there and it drizzles almost 365 days a year.
My advice: Never marry anyone who snores, never sell out unless it’s for a six-figure sum and never, under any circumstance, believe what you read in the paper.

Gillie and Marc Art Proust Questionnaire