Sculpture by the Sea 2015


Back for its 19th year running, Sculpture by the Sea is the world’s largest outdoor exhibition, featuring over 100 sculptures from global artists. Receiving over 500 submissions worldwide, a curatorial panel selected the featured works to complement the two-kilometer Bondi stretch.

One inclusion to look out for is local artists Gillie and Marc Schattner’s six meter tall flying fish on a wind vane. Their second time showing at Sculpture by the Sea, the coastal walk is now both their backyard and their showing space.

“We grew up with Sculpture by the Sea and it’s the most amazing gallery space if you’re a public sculptor in the world,” said Marc. “Nothing in the world compares to the backdrop that Bondi Beach allows you.”

Previously 2006 Archibald Prize finalists, Gillie and Marc now hope to convey their passion for wildlife conservation and the environment. “Our [art] is very much biographical… A lot of it is our wishes and very much our dreams,” explained Marc. “[Flying fish] are unique because they quickly change habitats… but what’s happening now, because the damage and pollution to their environments is so extensive, [is] that they’ve got nowhere to go.”

Drawing crowds of over 500,000 during its run, Sculpture by the Sea is one of Sydney’s most popular events and is sure to delight many during its run this year. “It’s important that the public support public art because without the people being there, it wouldn’t exist,” said Marc. “The only bad sculpture is one that is ignored or is never seen.” (ES)

Oct 22 – Nov 8. Bondi to Tamarama Coastal Walk, Sydney. Free. Info: or (02) 8399 0233.