Statues of Perth: Tandem Riders in Mt Lawley

The artists behind the Tandem Riders sculpture in Mt Lawley say they were inspired to create the work after riding their bikes down Beaufort Street, and experiencing the vibrancy of the area.

The characters on the tandem bike, ‘Dogman and Rabbitgirl’, are the alter egos of husband and wife team Gillie and Marc.

Gillie explains more about the expression of their work.

“Normally in the wild a dog would chase a rabbit and they wouldn’t get along. But in our world, two unlikely characters have come together, and they’ve become soulmates.

It’s all about unity and embracing our differences and getting along in the world.”

The statue has been in place in Mt Lawley since 2013, and the artists still receive photos with people standing next to the artwork, or dressing up the characters.

Marc says it’s important for them to have their art in public places.

“One of the things that was important to us was to get the artwork out of galleries.”

Tandem Riders artists Gillie and Marc spoke to Hilary Smale for ABC Radio Perth.

Duration: 4min 53sec