A Wild Life for WILDLIFE


    One of the greatest joys and sources of wonder comes from the most natural place, the wild. Animals, forests, lakes, and all the beautiful treats of planet earth are more exciting and healing than anything we have created. Yet the world is currently experiencing the 6th mass extinction. More and more beautiful creatures are in trouble. The reasons can be linked back to us, humans. Thousands of the most important animals are facing imminent extinction unless we act now. But with the same joy and love that we get from being in these magical places, we can also heal them.

    Taking a seat on a tandem bike, joining a game of chess, or enjoying a cup of coffee, encourages the public to become a part of the journey with endangered animals. It allows them to learn and understand why each of these species is in trouble. With QR codes connected with the sculpture, the public will be transported to important information about the different animals' lives, needs, and threats. This creates an experience accessible to all, putting wildlife conservation at the centre of people's cities and lives. Wildlife conservation is no longer hidden in the outskirts of human society, it is right here in the urban jungle.