Escape with us to a place of Joy - January 2021

Escape with us to a place of Joy - January 2021


    Everybody has a happy place. It’s a place completely unique to each of us, whether it’s alone in peace and tranquillity with towering trees surrounding us or in the middle of a vibrant celebration with everybody we love. These are the places we can escape to when we need them, and now Rabbitwoman and Dogman are bringing them to you in vibrant colour in our latest online exhibition!

    With a selection of paintings, resins, and bronzes, Rabbitwoman and Dogman appear as a burst of life in a celebration of joy and colour. Whether they are riding the backs of an endangered animal or quietly sitting by themselves, our favourite lovers bring an escape from the stresses of the world into a realm of pure joy. Expertly crafted with a lot of love, this exhibition is our brightest yet and aims to bring everybody’s happy place to life.

    The world is facing many problems right now which make us want to escape, but sometimes we can head to a state of despair. We wanted to help everyone who is seeing only darkness by bringing as much colour into their lives as possible. We want to make sure that when they do search for an escape, they escape into a world of happiness where the future looks bright. This is so important, now more than ever. We need the joy of the world to raise us up and out of the troubles to a brighter and more loving place. With a positive mindset, we have a more hopeful outlook on the future. This is one of the most important things in the world and we must never lose it.

    By becoming a part of this exhibition, you are becoming a part of the movement of love. All of our art is made with one mission in mind; to create art for a better tomorrow. By spreading the messages of love, conservation, and togetherness, we can move forward towards a place just as bright and joyful as Rabbitwoman and Dogman in this exhibition. Profits that we receive from the sale of any works in this series will go towards creating more monumental works to keep bringing love and hope to the world.