Family Forever


    Family is everything. From the moment you see that little bean on the ultrasound that’s it, you’re hooked for life. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we’re stretched across continents, other times we live next door. Some like to do everything together, while others prefer a more distanced approach. We all have families that are uniquely ours and they are all worth celebrating.

    Finding the joy of family is something that Rabbitwoman and Dogman often dreamed about. Through their own story as a duo, they have found so much love with one another. For the past 15 years, they have done everything together, going off on great adventures, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee together, and building a warm and loving home.

    Now after years of trying, Rabbitwoman and Dogman have extended their family to four. After all their adventures as a duo, they knew they could make it even more joyful by extending their lives to include more. With one beautiful daughter and one handsome son, they couldn’t be more proud. This gorgeous foursome is here to spread the joy of family to the world through paintings and sculptures, inspiring people to look at their own family and realise how lucky they are.

    Just like Rabbitwoman and Dogman, we also have a daughter and son. We have been so blessed to have had two beautiful children who have brought us more joy and happiness than we could ever have imagined. The adventures we have been on, the experiences we have shared, and the precious moments of connection that we have felt as a family are the greatest and most important of our lives.

    We hope you can find a slice of your family in Rabbitwoman and Dogman’s and be a part of the great celebration of families.

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