Future Forest Exhibition 2022

Future Forest Exhibition 2022


    Do you remember the moment you first climbed a tree? As a child, trees are one of life's greatest adventures. Each branch is a path of discovery, enriching our lives with new colours, textures, animals and panoramic views. On top of the tree, the great branches reach out like the arms of a giant, ready to catch us if we fall. Trees were some of our first teachers. Now that we’re adults, we must repay the favour and protect them. This is the mission of internationally renowned artists and eco-warriors, Gillie and Marc in their latest project ‘Future Forest Paintings’.

    In a series of contemporary and abstract-style paintings, Gillie and Marc are bringing the vibrancy of the forest to the canvas and the joy of nature into people’s homes. Not only are these paintings visually stunning, they will also help the environment and wildlife thrive, through an initiative which provides a give back alongside every painting.

    The ‘Future Forest Planter’ program will enable anyone who collects a tree painting or print to have trees planted on their behalf. For every painting sold, the artists have pledged to plant 200 trees on the buyer’s behalf, and for every print sold, 40 trees will be planted. With any painting or print purchase, a ‘Future Forest Planter’ certificate will be provided, detailing the number of trees planted based on the works purchased.

    Over the coming months, Gillie and Marc will continue this initiative to paint trees with the goal of planting 10,000 trees to rewild the world. This will all be made possible through the incredible work of https://onetreeplanted.org/  & https://www.reforestnow.org.au/ who manage large-scale reforestation and regeneration.

    Reforestation is critical to supporting biodiversity and expanding forests for their long-term survival. Unfortunately, habitat loss is a devastating consequence of deforestation, which leaves orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhinos, koalas and many other species increasingly isolated. Without sources of food, and with shelter in decline, many species are being driven to extinction. Reforestation can help combat this, along with reducing the impacts of man-made CO2 emissions. Becoming a 'Future Forest Planter' is a way for everyone to not only bring a piece of nature-inspired art and joy into their home, but also to join the artists on their goal to help regenerate wilderness areas for threatened animals we love.

    “We have used bright and vibrant colours because that’s how we see forests. They’re bursting with life and activity, so we wanted to reflect that diversity and joy in an abstract and beautiful way.”