Born Free Lions

Born Free Lions


    Gillie and Marc so loved crafting the life-sized beautiful lions and cubs for their exhibition of ‘Born Free Forever’ in Brighton that they just couldn’t stop! They have now created two limited-edition collections of a few select baby cubs and lions; the small collection as well as life-sized replicas.

    ‘Born Free Forever’ is based on a true story of a loving couple and a sweet lion cub named Elsa. In 1956 a game warden was sent to deal with a dangerous lion in Kenya. After shooting the lion and his aggressive female, he is distressed to find they have left behind three tiny cubs. And so begins the extraordinary story of George Adamson, his wife Joy, and their mission to raise and return the lion cub called Elsa to the wild. They would go on to become two of the greatest champions for lions.

    Lions are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Lion populations have decreased by half in only 25 years! There are perhaps just 20,000 left. Their biggest threats include habitat loss, the poaching of their natural prey, conflict with local livestock farmers, and the brutal practice of trophy hunting.

    These collections bring the baby cubs to life as magnificent bronze replicas, each baby representing a real-life lion cub. By purchasing one of these ‘Born Free’ cubs, you will be helping to provide for real lions in Africa with 30% of the proceeds going straight to Born Free Foundation so they can continue to protect this iconic species.